How To Get A Towed Car Back Without Paying?

It is important for all of us to protect our belongings from unauthorized people. Similarly, it is important for us to keep our car secure whenever we visit a park, hotel, restaurant, or go shopping. You should park your car in a safe place. It is recommended to park your car near the building you are visiting. You can also park it at a place from where it is clearly visible to you.

But sometimes you may forget to lock your car or any other condition could occur. So, when you come back after shopping and look at the parking lot, you do not find your car there. No doubt, it is a very surprising moment and a person becomes shocked.

It is the time when we do not know what to do and how to get our car back. You do not only lose your car but also other things that are present in your car. These things may include your mobile phone, tablet, shopping bags, or any other thing.

You must be thinking about how to get your towed car back without losing any of its things. For this purpose, you need to read this guide that explains how to get a towed car back without paying. There are many ways that let you recover your car without paying a single penny. Let us discuss some of these ways:

Find Out The Reason

First, it is important for you to find out the reason why your car was towed. There may be a lot of reasons behind this happening, for example, it can be a criminal offense, you may be having unpaid car insurance, you may have parked illegally, you may be having unpaid tickets, etc. So, you need to find out the reason first and then move towards another step.

Let us tell you that if your car has been towed by an unauthorized company or your car is involved in criminal activity, it might become difficult for you to recover it. But if you have proof of your car, then there are chances that you can recover your car otherwise no non-profit or profit organization will be involved in your case.

1. Location of Parked Vehicle

Recovering your towed car without paying money can also depend upon the location where you parked your car. You need to review your violation. You need to think about whether your car was parked legally or illegally. You need to see if there is any signboard around saying “Do Not Park Here”. If there is no such sign around, you can fight the towing company without paying it.

If you come to know that your car has been towed from an apartment complex, you have the right to contact the managers of the apartment with your complaint. You can request them the reasons why your car is towed and why is it towed. Your car will be towed by the store if you park it outside a store with the sign “For Sale”.

2. Review The State’s Towing Law

You should check the towing law of the state in which you are living. It is because a towing company has the right to tow your car depending upon your state’s laws. So, you should make sure that you are not offending those laws otherwise you will have to pay to get your towed car back.

You may have seen some states regulate vehicle towing for keeping the tow yards from unlawful and abusive practices. If a tow yard defaults, you can fight with them so that you do not have to pay for getting your vehicle back. If you notice that the towing operator is guilty, you will surely get your towed car back for free.

3. Contact The Police

If you do not know where your car has been towed, you can report it to the police. You must be thinking that the police will let you get your car back without paying money. No, it is not like that. The police will not force the tow yard to give you your car back when you are guilty of an offense.

On the other hand, the police will help you to get your car back by mediating between you and the tow yard to solve the issue calmly. Some police officers can help you by appealing to the towing company to reconsider their actions but we have never seen positive outcomes of this act ever.

4. Review Towing Plans

You must try to communicate with the towing company and convince them that there wasn’t any fault of yours. You should try to get your towed car back without paying but if you do not get any positive outcome by communicating, you can request options from the towing company.

There are some towing companies that offer you payment plans that can result in reducing the financial pressure on you. This plan may also include cutting the cost of recovering your towed car. You can also get compensation for your car without paying a single penny but it depends upon the towing company.

5. Contact The Church

If you want to get your towed car back without paying, you can contact the church. But it greatly depends upon your state whether the local church runs a charity program or not. You must be wondering what is the purpose of this charity program.

Let us tell you that this charity program is mainly for those people who cannot pay money to get their towed car back. We can say that the aim of this charity program is to help people to recover their cars from the towing company. So, you should contact the local church of your state in this condition.

6. Borrow Money

Don’t you have money to get your towed car back? Well, it must not be an issue for you if you have good friends and family members. You can ask them to lend you some money or help you by giving you some money to get your car back. No doubt, the well-wishers are the ones that help you in need.

So, you can borrow or request free money to recover your car. You can also write a request letter to them explaining that your car was towed due for some reason and now you need money to recover it where you are already hand to mouth.

7. Get a Payday Loan

If you do not find anyone who could give you money for free or could lend you some money, you can get a payday loan. You should only get it if you feel OK with a low credit score. It is recommended to not leave your car in the towing company for so long because the number of days increases, the cost to recover your vehicle also increases.

So, if you have not gotten your salary yet, you can get a Payday loan instead of waiting for your salary to recover your vehicle. You can pay this loan on the day when you get your salary.

8. Consult Non-Profit Organization Assistance

If you use your vehicle for going to work, you may get assistance from a non-profit organization regarding recovering your vehicle. But let us tell you that this facility is not available in all the locations.

If this facility is not available in your area, you can get a loan from a charity organization. No doubt, you will get the loan in no time so that you could recover your means of transport immediately.

9. Get Free Legal Assistance

Getting free legal assistance can help you get your car back without paying only if the towing company is predatory and unfair. If the result of this legal action is in your favor, you will not have to pay at the end when getting your towed car back.

It will be proved by your legal representative that you do not deserve to get your car towed. Let us tell you that you will not be able to get free legal assistance if your car was towed due to your involvement in criminal activity.


How to get a towed car back without paying?

If there aren’t any of your faults in why your car was towed, you can fight the towing company and get it back without paying.

What documents are required to get your towed car back?

You must have the insurance and registration of your car to have it back from the towing company.

When does the auction process start?

The auction process starts after three days of towing the vehicle.


Has your car been towed? Do you wonder why it has been towed? You must review the laws of your state regarding towing. You can also ask the towing company for the reason behind towing your car. If there is not your fault, you can take the help of the police or get legal assistance to get your car back without paying the towing company.

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