How to fix If your Apple CarPlay not working? 5 Pro-Tips

We know how much you love carpool karaoke, and if your Apple CarPlay stops working suddenly, don’t worry. We got you covered like always, so stick to this post and your CarPlay will be up and running in no time. Since Apple CarPlay sends it all over your vehicle’s entertainment unit, it’s simple plus reliable to use applications from your iPhone while driving. It allows users to utilize their iPhone when commuting to make and receive calls, sending and receiving messages, as well as play their favorite music.

Therefore, sometimes while CarPlay is synced, there are many instances when it will refuse to link up or you will not be able to hear whatsoever. Every once in a while, CarPlay applications may not launch properly, limiting your options.

Well, this piece examines a few of the reasons why Apple CarPlay not working, as well as some potential solutions for getting things back up and running.

Given below is the table of contents for you to take a quick glance at all the things covered in this piece.

Why is Apple CarPlay not working? The causes

If your automobile allows wireless connectivity, you may link your iPhone with CarPlay via a charging cable or link the iPhone via your vehicle’s Bluetooth.

Regardless of the technique you apply, there seem to be multiple explanations why CarPlay might not always function, even though it has previously worked perfectly, including:

  • App interface issues
  • Bluetooth connection difficulties
  • Defective USB cord
  • Incompatibility troubles
  • iOS upgrade concerns
  • iPhone not recognized
How to Fix Apple CarPlay Not Working

How to fix Apple CarPlay not working?

CarPlay difficulties are difficult to solve since there are so many distinct automotive technologies over and above your iPhone. Whether you’re having trouble with sound, connectivity, or applications, we’ve put together a list of solutions and recommendations in this post to assist you in getting CarPlay running properly.

Initial Inspections

Here are a few things to look into before attempting all of the other solutions listed below:

  • Firstly, make sure your iPhone, as well as your car’s multimedia system, are both switched on. If the automobile offers an active button, make sure it’s turned on.
  • Disconnect your iPhone from the automobile and reconnect it.
  • Ensure that the iPhone you have is running the most recent iOS release and also that CarPlay is enabled (iPhone 5 and newer)
  • Ensure that your automobile is compliant with CarPlay. If you are unsure, see the car’s owner’s guidebook or approach your car company. You may buy a suitable replacement system from companies such as Alpine, Clarion, Blaupunkt, JVC, Pioneer, Kenwood, as well as Sony if your automobile stereo is not perfectly compatible.
  • If you’re using CarPlay, un-pair each and every other Bluetooth gadget linked to the iPhone, which might disrupt or clash with the smartphone as well as your automobile.
  • Since Apple CarPlay isn’t accessible globally, double-check that your local region permits it.
  • Verify and confirm if your automobile contains the most up-to-date firmware version. If you already have an aftermarket car stereo, look for a software upgrade on the company’s website and follow the steps.
  • Whenever the Bluetooth link across your smartphone and the vehicle’s entertainment unit gets distorted, this normally helps.

If you have gone through all of the above steps but your CarPlay still did not function, consider trying out the solutions listed here to see if they resolve the issue and get your CarPlay working properly.

Check your Connection

Any USB cord or perhaps a cordless link can be used to hook up to the CarPlay system. If you are utilizing a USB charging cable, manually inspect your cable and ensure that it is not broken, faulty, or try another USB terminal and try using a separate cord.

If you want to opt for cordless connectivity, go to the settings menu on the iPhone then turn on Bluetooth and WiFi.

  1. Go to settings menu > WiFi to allow WiFi.
  2. Switch the WiFi button to on or green to activate it.
  3. To activate Bluetooth, go back to Settings, hit Bluetooth, then flip the button to on or green.

Restart the iPhone along with the Multimedia Unit in your Automobile

Verify if your CarPlay icon displays on your vehicle’s screen if your CarPlay does not operate after testing various connections. If it doesn’t work, reboot both your smartphone and the multimedia unit.

Depending on the iPhone version, follow these instructions to restart it:

  1. To turn off or on the iPhone SE (1st generation) as well as iPhone 5 devices, tap and hold its upper button.
  2. To switch off as well as on the iPhone SE (2nd generation), iPhone 6, 7, and 8 devices, tap + hold its side key for a few seconds.
  3. To switch on an iPhone X as well as any newer device, push and hold its volume plus side keys together, then hit its side button once more.

Note: Refer to your car’s owner guidebook for details on how to reactivate the multimedia device. Try connecting CarPlay to the iPhone once more after rebooting the gadgets to see if the issue still exists.

fix your Apple CarPlay

Make sure Siri is enabled

If the car features Siri Eyes Free, users may convey their wish by holding down its voice-command button on the car’s driving wheel. You will not be enabled to activate Siri using CarPlay when Siri is turned off.

  1. Go to Configuration > Siri & Lookup to activate Siri.
  2. Select the necessary settings to allow: Allow Siri while the phone is locked, wait for ‘Hey Siri’, then hit the Power button or the Home key to wake Siri up.

Double-check that CarPlay isn’t disabled

If your CarPlay does not acknowledge your iPhone, make sure the function isn’t disabled on your device.

  1. To do that, just go to the iPhone’s Configuration and hit Screen Time.
  2. Select ‘Content & Privacy Restrictions’ from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select your vehicle and then just select ‘Forget this vehicle’.

Confirm if CarPlay is permitted when the automobile is locked

Still, if your CarPlay is not running after attempting the steps above, see if it is possible to use it when the vehicle is locked.

  1. Launch your iPhone’s Settings application and go to General > CarPlay.
  2. Select Your Vehicle.
  3. Finally, flip the button on if your ‘CarPlay When Locked’ is turned off.

Last Words

We wish the suggestions and solutions in this post assisted you in troubleshooting and resolving your ‘Apple CarPlay not working issues. If you continue to experience problems, you can request Apple Support as well as your automobile company for help with difficulties relating to your vehicle’s multimedia system.

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