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How to finance a used car- Things you need to consider

How to finance a used car- Things you need to consider

We will provide details about financing a used car. Learn about how to finance a used car in this article.

Possibility of paying a lot more than expected

There are many reasons a person might have to pay more for a used car. The reasons are listed below:

Having a low credit-score

Usually, a person with a low credit-score goes for used-car loans. Banks note these factors. The bank officers make a lot of inquiries and ask for a lot of details. If the person is in debt, then the bank officials do ask for a higher interest payment per month, if the bank is satisfied that the person will manage the payment of a loan.

However, banks tend to ask for a higher upfront payment too. And for some people that can be a too big amount to pay.

Insurance coverage

Usually, used-cars do not come with valid warranties and lack safety features, have more mileage, and are more prone to sudden breakdowns. The insurance companies thoroughly check out a used car, they use their own licensed mechanics, especially if it’s old or has a lot of mileage. Used car customers must remember that it is important to get their car insured. The insurance companies tend to demand a lot of money if they have decided to take the risk of giving you a policy. Having liability insurance is a must in most states, and this insurance will cost you.

Re-selling the car

It’s going to be much harder to re-sell a second-hand car. You must consider the following factors.

This is the way to finance a used car

How to finance a used car with no credit? It’s difficult in some ways, but it’s possible. Read on:


Approach a credit union, provided you are a member. The Credit Union will have all the necessary information for you, and can help you arrive at a decision to buy a used car.


Besides Credit-Unions, there are websites that offer good interest rates on used-car loans. These sites provide all the information regarding interest rates demanded by known loan providers and compete with them.

Of these websites, Fiona stands out. You can apply for the membership if you have decided to get financing to buy a used car.

Interested individuals and lone investors

There are people and investors who are willing to provide loans for used car. It involves person-to-person dealing without the involvement of any institution. If you cannot make a monthly payment, the car will not get taken away legally. You can even negotiate your way to plan out the payments. However, your credit score will remain low.

Lending-Club is a famous person-to-person loan providing site. You can get about $30,000 to $40,000 loan for a 3-year or a 5-year period.

The best solution

Save your money up for five years. You will save a lot in interest rates and insurance rates. You will not have to go from bank to bank or deal with any credit union institution.

If you can pay cash on the spot, chances are, you might even get a better deal, that is, maybe you can get a better used-car.

Another approach to go for a loan

Go for financing a brand-new car. Maybe not the model or make you like, but think about a factory warranty that will come with a new car. If you are going to work hard to pay-off interests, after paying those sales tax charges and upfront payments, a brand-new car is worth spending your money.


At the end, it really up your budget and credentials. And it’s up to your desire and need. You can buy a new car with a low credit-score rating. And this can shot-up your credibility if you can manage the sales-tax, down payments and monthly payments.

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