How to clean whitewall tires? Tips to preserving the vintage wheels

The whitewall tires were an epitome of class and luxury during the 1900s, today it is counted as a vintage piece of art and a prized possession. However, cleaning and maintaining these tires is a tough task. If you have landed here while searching for ‘how to clean whitewall tires?’ then read the article in full to master the process and preserve whitewall tires.

How to clean whitewall tires and maintain their sparkling whiteness?

If the whitewall tires of your car have become yellow, then you can clean them up by following the process mentioned below. It’s time to make the whitewall vintage tires look classy, sophisticated, and elite again.

Get a whitewall tire cleaner

Multiple brands out there have come up with specialized whitewall tire cleaners. You can find the best one from any auto shop or you can even order it online. Beware though, never use a regular cleaning formula for these tires. Although you can remove dirt with it, the tires will become dry during the process, which will hamper their durability. Moreover, when you buy a whitewall tire cleaner, ensure that the formula doesn’t contain chlorine bleach or alcohol, as it will also result in early wear and tear.

Other than a specialized whitewall tire cleaner, you will also need an SOS pad and a brush.

Initial cleaning and wetting the tire

Now, you have to pre-rinse these tires with clean water. You can use a spray bottle for this purpose. You can also use a wet SOS pad to get the tires wet. This step is important, because the tire cleaner that you have, will be hard to clean without water, or it may leave dirty spots instead of making it white again.

Apply the whitewall tire cleaner

If the tire cleaner is in a spray bottle, you can directly spray on the wet surface of the tire. However, if it is in a liquid form, then you will have to dilute it with water. Once you dilute the formula, soak the SOS pad in the mixture and apply it to the walls of the tires.

Gently Scrub the tire with a brush

Now, take a brush and gently yet thoroughly clean the tire walls with the mixture. At the time of scrubbing, ensure that you go in one direction; otherwise, it will leave scratches on the glossy white surface of the tires.

Remember that cleaning whitewall tires is not a child’s play, you will have to put in your effort to get the job done. The effectiveness will vary not only based on the quality of the cleaning formula you have, but it will also depend on how you scrub the walls.

Clear the whitewall tire cleaner

Now it’s time to wash the tire cleaner away. If you are not satisfied with the result yet, continue to reapply the product by following the above steps and clean the whitewall tires until you get your desired results.

Apply baking soda

You must be thinking, why use baking soda to clean the whitewall tires. Baking soda has cleaning properties and can act as an exfoliant for the tires. Damp the SOS pad and sprinkle baking soda on it. Now, scrub the surface of the tire in a circular motion. Be gentle yet intense. Next, use a sandpaper to clear out the remaining yellow stains. Then, rinse the tire with clean water.

Once you have cleaned the tires, you should maintain them. Below you will find a maintenance routine that you will have to carry out every two weeks at least to ensure that the sparkling whiteness of the tires remains intact.

How to maintain white wall tires

These tires require maintenance. Once you have cleaned the tires, all you have to do is rinse these tires first, then apply the diluted solution on the SOS pad and apply it on whitewall tries to keep the surface protected from dust and UV rays. By following this routine, you can maintain the tires’ sparkling shine for a long time.

Bottom line

In this article, we have given you some important tips to keep the whitewall tires clean. Remember, it’s a time-consuming job, and it will take some effort. Hopefully, you will remember these tips the next time you decide to clean these tires.

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