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How to remove snow from your car without scratching the paint

How to remove snow from your car without scratching the paint?

Removing snow from your car without scratching is a work of technique and strategy. Most people remove snow from their car by taking less time, but they sometimes leave some scratches behind in haste. People have been worried and asking questions since then, how to clean snow off car without scratching the paint, but there has not been a simpler answer till now.

Winter has a thing for vehicles, and it leaves behind some paint job for you if you use improper methods to remove snow from your car. But the question arises, does snow scratch your car? It is false. Snow does not damage the paint, but it is damaged when a person removes it without taking care of the surface.

How to Clean Snow off  Your Car Without Scratching

Before diving into the detailed procedure, let’s discuss some serious mistakes that you shouldn’t make:

What shouldn’t you do?

Suppose your car is spotless with no snow on it but a slight amount of dust. Would you use a broom, viper, or a rigid foam panel to wipe it? Hopefully not! The same thing goes for snow. Snow is also like dust particles, but in a vast amount, so we need a plan regarding how to clean snow off car without scratching the paint?

Lift the snow and remove it

The first step to removing the snow is to check whether the snow is powdery or stiff like a stone. If the snow is in a considerable amount and stiff like a stone, and it comes off when you hold and lift, you must follow this procedure.

Snow is not very stiff when sitting in your car, as the snow is in large amounts, i.e., more than 12 inches thick. Then you must wear gloves on your hands and remove the snow using your hands.

Simply pick up an amount of snow in your hands and throw it away. To do this, you must not lean on the side of your vehicle as your clothes can also damage the paint. Always stand up on your car’s tire and remove snow from the roof.

Use a Snow Broom or brush

When most of the piles of snow are removed, you can use a snow broom or rigid foam panel, but before doing that, you must do something else. Use a universal broom and open its rod from the foam panel. Put two microfiber towels to cover the rigid foam so that it does not touch the car’s surface in any way.

In this way, you take a precautionary measure to keep your car paint as safe as possible from the scratching process. Now use this broom to remove the snow from your car. Make sure you are only pulling the snow from it instead of pushing it.

If you need to go forward, make sure you throw the snow behind the car and not at the front. If you need to go backward after removing the snow, then make sure to throw the snow at the front side of your car.

Use an air blower

The previously explained steps related to how to remove snow from cars are for those with a lot of snow on their car. But if your vehicle has powdery snow and it is only a single coat of snow, then you can use an air blower or leaf blower to blow off all the snow from your car.

The best practice is to use the air blower in the wind direction so that you are safe. Keep the blower tip away from the car up to 3 to 6 inches at least to avoid any contact, or it will blow off the whole purpose of safely removing the snow without scratching.

After completing the steps mentioned above, use an air blower and blow all the snow on your car.

Cleaning the windows

Windshields and windows are also the essential parts that must be cleaned from the snow in any case. The best practice is to lift the windshield wipers before parking in the snow or you will always end up damaging the vipers. The rubber of the vipers freeze in the cold and get stuck to the windshield.

Moreover, the windows of your car have a different material than the paint surface. Also, you can use an ice scraper to remove snow from it. We suggest you remove the snow from windows so that the corner areas are left in the snow and the center area of windows is cleaned.

The reason behind it is that if you forcefully remove the snow from the corners, the rubbers of windows might get damaged. So, defrosting your car will automatically melt the remaining snow.

Let the defroster do the job

When you altogether remove the snow with the help of an air blower, you will see a layer of ice sitting on the surface of your car. Some people use an ice scraper to remove this layer which is reckless. Ice scrapper or anything that touches your car’s paint eventually damages it.

So, the next step is to start your car’s engine and turn on defrost for the front and back, which will automatically melt down the layer of ice from your car without scratching it. In this way, the snow is entirely removed from the vehicle within an hour without touching the surface.


People have been adopting different ways to remove snow from their cars and even using a ceramic coating on their vehicles so that the snow does not damage their car paint. The coating factor has also been effective to some extent.

But eventually, you have to remove the snow from your car in the end. The golden rule for how to clean snow off your car without scratching is; clean the snow without touching the paint’s surface. When you touch the paint’s surface, it is damaged even if it is a minor change.

Leaving snow on your car does not damage paint as long as you know how to remove snow from the car  by taking care of the things discussed in the article. If you remove the snow without any precautions, it will damage the paint.

If you do not have any garage, you can develop a tent outside with solid support and park your car inside it. Moreover, you can also use paint coating to prevent snow from damaging your vehicle.

Ice and snow are two different things. When snow is removed, a thin layer of ice remains on the surface of your car. You can simply use a defrost function in your vehicle to make it go away.

Snow brushes contain a hard foam panel without any gaps on its ends to remove snow properly without any damage. But it is best to use a micro fabric towel on it as a precaution if you are too hard on your car.

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