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How to Clean Oxidized Headlights with WD40

How to Clean Oxidized Headlights with WD40

As headlights have progressed from the 1960s standard sealed glass glare to advanced incandescent, HID & LED polycarbonate polymer headlight lenses, you’re understandably wary about “how to clean oxidized headlights with wd40.” because this development is beneficial and cost-effective, yet there is a drawback.

Normally, oxidation is a response involving oxygen and iron, however, it can also happen with plastic. All modern headlights arrive with a transparent topcoat to prevent oxidation. This coat will eventually wear off, and sunlight will color the plastic headlights yellow.

Well, we’ve got the answer for you, as we’ll show you how to clean foggy headlights with wd40. It’s important to note that even if you wash your car weekly, use the best options on the street to wipe it down when it rains, and park and keep it in a garage whenever possible, your headlights are likely to grow foggy and fuzzy with time. As the fog thickens, it reduces the efficiency of your car’s actual bulbs, making it more difficult to see, particularly at night. As a result, it’s critical to consider how to clean foggy headlights on the inside.

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How to clean oxidized headlights with wd40: 5 Tips to consider

Consider these pertinent aspects and tips in mind when thinking about how to clean foggy headlights.

1. Use water to clean your oxidized headlights

Before you begin, make sure your headlights are free of dirt or small rocks, as these will cause scrapes as soon as you begin cleaning with your towel. So, squirt some water into your headlights. It’s preferable to use a pressure washer, although a basic water hose will suffice.

2. With a towel, wipe the headlights

It’s critical to wipe your headlights with a dry cloth or towel paper after spraying them with water. The surface of the headlights must be dry. Also, there is likely to be persistent debris on the headlights which has accumulated over time, so make sure you clean them.

3. Using sandpaper, sand your headlights

This is an optional step, but I highly encourage it. I used 600 grain, though you can use a higher grit. It all relies on the condition of your headlamp. Always begin by sanding in a piece and see how it turns out.

4. Wd40 should be sprayed on the headlight

Allow one minute after spraying your headlight with wd40. Wd40 has a 5-year shelf life. The tiny gaps between the oxidized portions of your headlights can be filled up with WD40.

5. Using a clean cloth, clean your headlight

If you don’t use a clean towel, none of the instructions above will be effective. Please wear gloves if your epidermis is sensitive to chemicals as wd40. Wipe the headlight till you’re happy with the appearance.

Need to clean oxidized headlights with wd40

1. To enhance radiance

Using WD-40 has the added benefit of not only giving the car headlights a new shine, but it also imparts a protective coating to them, extending the life of the shine.

2. To ensure safety

Many people are unaware of the dangers that badly maintained headlights pose. Maintaining the cleanliness of your headlights with wd40 is just as critical as maintaining the cleanliness of your windshield. Headlights that are foggy or dusty can be highly hazardous to you, your family, and other vehicles.

3. A strategic initiative can go a long way

When you have WD-40 on hand for cleaning oxidized headlights, you may not even need to hire automotive professionals.


WD-40 is an excellent product for cleaning foggy headlights, but it must be used with caution. This article will walk you through the techniques to understand how to clean oxidized headlights with wd40 and recover their brilliance.

One of the important aspects and advice to consider for how to clean foggy headlights is that they help to lighten up those streets on dark evenings ahead.

It imparts a protective layer on it, extending the life of the shine.

The answer is yes if you’re asking if you can fast defog your headlights.

Dirt scratches your headlights and creates tiny chips allowing grime to penetrate over time, resulting in the yellowing of your headlights.

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