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How to check if my car has extended warranty

How to check if my car has extended warranty? – What to do if it’s expired?

Did you know that some cars have extended warranties already? Besides their standard bumper-to-bumper warranty, some pre-owned cars come with extended warranties. Whether brand new or pre-owned, if you are planning to buy a car in the near future it would be beneficial to go for options with extended warranties.

A lot of you might be wondering how to check if my car has extended warranty or how do I know if my car is under warranty when at a dealership. Well, most of the time, you can find it out on the spot at the dealership while purchasing the car. But when you buy a pre-owned car from an individual, it is highly improbable that extended warranty coverage will be discussed. Therefore, below we have provided you with some ways to check your car’s warranty coverage yourself.

What is an Extended Warranty?

In simple terms, you can say an extended warranty is an additional one you purchase for your vehicle after the factory warranty expiration. It covers all or some costly repairs after the factory warranty.

Getting an extended warranty is completely optional and usually starts after the expiration of the factory warranty. However, in some cases, both warranty plans overlap. A vehicle service contract, also called an extended warranty, may cover damages like dent repair, key replacement etc.

Routine maintenance or collision damage due to poor maintenance are not covered in an extended warranty.

Now that you know the basics of the extended warranty. Let’s move on to learn how to check cars warranty.

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How to check if my car has extended warranty?

Whether it’s a brand new or a used car, it is crucial to determine a car’s warranty before purchasing. But have you done your own research on the matter? Maybe, a seller might charge you for an expired factory or extended warranty. Following are the steps to know if your car has an extended warranty.

  • Check the paperwork

The first and easiest way to determine the warranty is by checking the paperwork you got during the purchase process. If you get lucky, you will find all the details regarding the warranty in that paperwork.

Note: The extended warranty in paperwork is typically referred to as Vehicle Service Contract (VSC). So check for this term rather than looking for ‘Extended Warranty’

Couldn’t find the paperwork? Never mind. We have other ways to get the details.

  • Contact the car dealer: Do you remember the dealership where you bought your car from? Perfect! Get in touch and ask them about the mileage and covered period. This information allows you to determine if your car is still under warranty easily. At the very least, your dealership will be able to provide you with a record of the factory warranty. Unable to contact the dealership? It’s fine. We have another way to find out about your car’s warranty.
  • Contact the car financing company: If you have financed your car, contact the company. They must have a record of your car’s warranty. Also, if you have got the loan paperwork, you may be able to check your car’s warranty through them.
  • Contact the manufacturer or extended warranty company: If none of the above tricks work, try contacting extended warranty providers or the car manufacturer to determine if they still cover your car’s warranty. While it may be a time consuming task, beginning with the top extended warranties providers you think you would have gone for will save you some time.

Once you manage to get the contract or even the mileage details, you can go on to the next steps to determine if your car has an extended warranty and if so, how much is left.

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  • Check for mileage and Expiry

The next step is to check for mileage and expiry in the contract. Once you know about them, calculate the time since you begin using the car (if it’s new). If it’s a pre-owned vehicle, check for the miles, how much you have clocked up and how much are the permitted miles.

  • Check if your warranty is still valid

The final step is to check if your car’s warranty coverage is still valid. For this, you need to go through the extended warranty paperwork and check for terms and conditions. It is possible that you have avoided any terms of service, leading to warranty cancellations.

When buying a car, you must check if it has a factory or extended warranty left because people can scam you by charging you the warranty’s inclusive prices even though it expired long ago.

What to do if you don’t have an extended warranty?

After checking your warranty, if you find that your warranty has expired or been canceled, you should consider getting a new one either from the manufacturer or a third-party provider.

Auto Manufacturer’s extended warranty

Every established car manufacturer offers a wide variety of extended warranty plans which promise to provide you with a hassle-free experience when you run out of your factory warranty. You can either opt for an extended warranty at the time of purchase or after your factory warranty has expired. Besides that, you can also go for the financing option for your extended warranty but know that you will end up paying more than its actual cost due to the interest rate applied on financing.

Third-party warranty providers

Third-party service providers offer more flexibility than car manufacturers to lure customers to get an extended warranty. They typically offer convenience by offering flexible payment plans and enabling you to choose your desired repair shop. However, connecting to your local repair shop and processing damages claims may not be as seamless as the one offered by manufacturers. It is recommended to go through the claim process and warranty coverage in detail before opting for a third-party service provider.

Best Extended Car Warranty Providers

After conducting in-depth research, we have come up with the best extended car warranty providers. Check them out below:

  • Endurance

Cost: Around $100 per month

Availability: All states except California

When it comes to extended car warranty providers, Endurance secures the top spot for providing the best services. The company handles all the claim processing and contracts in-house to ensure service quality. Its coverage plans range up to 8 years/over 200,000 miles. While the prices may vary from plan to plan, its warranty will likely cost around $546 to $612 per year, and the total cost ranges between $2,990 and $3,990.

  • Carchex

Cost: $120 – $170 per month

Availability: 50 states

Carchex is well known for its longest contracts in the market ranging up to 250,000 miles. We recognize the company for its extensive offerings that work best for pre-owned vehicles. In general, they offer five extended warranty plans costing between $120 to $170/month.

  • Protect My Car

Cost: $80 – $100 per month

Availability: All over the country except California, Missouri, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii and Oklahoma

Protect My Car will be your best bet if you are looking for a long-term financing option. It allows service consumers to pay low monthly payments for as long as 60 months. However, the downside is that the customers end up paying more in the long run. It could be the best option for people with strict monthly budgets. Its coverage plans go up to 10 years/125,000 miles.

  • CarShield

Cost: $89 $130

Availability: Country-wide except for California

Carshield is the number one choice for budget conscious drivers. If we compare the quotes from the other extended warranty providers, Carshield is the lowest in terms of prices. Its monthly plan ranges from $89 to $130. The customers get to choose from their six outstanding warranty plans extending up to 300,000 miles.

  • Autopom

Cost:  $50 – $200

Availability: 50 states

If we have to rate any car warranty service provider for customer service, we will rate Autopom the highest. Don’t go on its weird name. It stands for ‘Automotive peace of mind’. Their customer representatives will guide you through the entire claim process and provide a detailed understanding of the different plans they offer. They also help their customers locate their administrator’s claims filings. Their plans go up to 7 years/150,000 miles.

Wrap Up – How to check if my car has extended warranty

That was all from our side. Hope this guide has helped you with how to check a car’s extended warranty and what to do if it doesn’t come with one. Here is some friendly advice – Never purchase a car without proper research, especially if you are going for pre-owned options. Do your own research and determine how much warranty coverage it is left with so that you can propose your fair quote for the vehicle.

If you find out that you have no warranty left, get to our suggested extended car warranty providers, you will be amazed by their impeccable service and varied plans.

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