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how to change mileage on a car

How to Change Mileage on a Car? What are the Steps?

Why do so many people want to adjust the mileage on their cars? You will have a better understanding of how and why individuals try to take advantage of you if you know how to roll back a digital odometer. You will easily be able to detect fraud and avoid overpaying for something that, in fact, costs a lot less.

Let us begin this informative article with the understanding of Odometer and then we will move on to discuss whether or not it is feasible to alter the mileage as well as how to change mileage on a car.

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What is an Odometer?

The odometer counts and keeps a record of the kilometers driven. The information is often shown on the instrument cluster in a vehicle. Your vehicle will no longer have a chance of being sold if the figures that are shown on the screen are too high (and no, it won’t make a difference whether you know how to sell a used car or not). Despite the fact that there is no way to answer the question of how many miles are excessive for a second hand automobile, it is still a concern for purchasers. Because of this, individuals are always looking for new and different methods to alter those statistics.

However, not all odometers function in the same way. Automobiles were dependent on analog components back in the day, thus it seems sense that the odometers were analog as well. To put it another way, they were made up of gears that rotated in response to the increasing mileage. There are still automobiles on the road today that still use analog odometers, although this kind of meter is becoming more rare.

Digital odometers operate on the same principle as traditional ones. However, chips from computers are used to count and record the information rather than gears and wires. Digital odometers often come equipped with displays that make it simple to read off the current mileage. They record mileage not only in the display units but also in the control units, in contrast to their analog predecessors. This has made it very difficult to alter the miles without leaving a trace. People who wish to lower their vehicles’ mileage in order to increase the price they can get are going to have a difficult time with digital odometers.

How To Roll Back The Digital Odometer?

Vehicles with digital odometers may have their mileage rolled back using a variety of instruments and techniques. No matter how much we try to discourage odometer tampering, the idea is always on the thoughts of prospective buyers.

In the days of the analog odometer, there was no need for equipment; just little fiddling about with the system was enough to trick it into reporting lesser mileage. No cogs to spin on digital odometers added some extra complexity. Because of this, individuals had to exercise their mind and think of fresh approaches.

To change the digital odometer’s reading, you’d have to remove the board from the vehicle’s dashboard. The reading may be changed, even without any special equipment. However, it’s a laborious and intricate procedure. Damage is possible if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Tools Required to Change Odometer Mileage

Tools Required to Change Odometer Mileage

How to change mileage on a car? Mileage blockers and odometer correction tools are the most common methods by which individuals roll back “excessive” kilometers on their trip meters. You may hear these two referred to by a variety of different names or even interchangeably. Although, they do have certain unique characteristics and skills. 

4 Simple Steps to Change Mileage on a Car

Following are the steps required for changing the mileage count on your car’s odometer:

Step#1: Remove the Battery

First things first, you need to be aware that tampering with the odometer readings on your vehicle is against the law and may land you in prison, so give it some serious thought before you act. If you are still intent on continuing, the first step you should do is to unplug the battery from your vehicle for around three to four hours.

It is vitally important for the computer chip that controls the reading on the odometer to have some time to cool down. After removing the battery, you will need to input the software for your vehicle, making sure to choose the correct model and manufacturer.

Step#2: Get the Electronic Mileage Adjustment Tool

Changing the mileage on one’s automobile is often done by people in order to lower their taxable income or increase the amount of tax deductions they may claim. You should look for a helpful tool online if you want to modify the mileage on your car without running the danger of being caught, without incurring the expense of having your vehicle towed to your technician, and without spending an excessive amount of money on the process. The electronic mileage adjustment tool is one such handy tool in this regard.

Anyone may adjust the odometer reading on their vehicle with the assistance of this user-friendly gadget. You may then print off the receipt and present it to the Internal Revenue Service without anybody ever suspecting a thing!

Step 3: You Have Three Options

GPS devices are useful for measuring distance, and you can even use them to adjust the odometer reading on your vehicle. But that’s against the law. Therefore, you are responsible for adjusting the readings on the odometer on your own. It is not possible to link a GPS device directly to the electrical system in your vehicle.

It may seem as if the odometer reading has not changed since the GPS device computes the distance you have traveled and stores the information in the memory of the device. There are only three methods to get past this: hacking the system and modifying it, exchanging the odometer, or covering the unit with an overlay and exchanging it.

Step# 4

Diesel vehicles are the only ones that may use the mileage adjustment card. The card is not valid for use with gasoline-powered vehicles. The card is only functional in automobiles that are equipped with an ODB-2 connector. Before you may use the card, you will need to check the current mileage on your vehicle.

The Bottom Line

The first thing you should do is evaluate how significant of a shift is required. You may put more miles on the automobile if it is in excellent condition.

If, on the other hand, you need to alter a significant amount of miles, you need to find a technique to do it that does not cost you a lot of money and does not need you to put in a lot of effort. The most common approach is to bring the vehicle to a workshop and have the staff there to do the task.

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