How much does it cost to wrap your car?

If you do not want to get a paint job for your car, you can consider getting a car wrap.

This article will provide a detailed account of how much does it cost to wrap your car.

It’s a good alternative to a paint job. It’s basically more expensive, but it has certain advantages: depending on how fancy you want the wrap job done, the cost could vary. A good paint job will cost close to $2400. Getting a wrap job will cost you around $5900 to $10,000 or more.

How much does it cost for a car wrap job in detail?

Firstly, there are two ways to get a wrap job done: either you do it yourself or you get a professional to do it for you.

Do it yourself or get it done by a professional

Yes, that’s an option too. You can do it yourself. Actually, you can paint your car yourself. But think about all the equipment you would need. Just like a paint job, for a wrap job you need a clean area to work. It is better to get all the equipment ready before you decide to do the wrap job yourself.

The cost of doing the wrap job yourself

The tools you need will cost around $150 to $550. If you intend to change your wrapping often, let’s say, every few months, then you must opt for more expensive car wrap tools.

Let’s go with some basic vinyl. Take gloss black vinyl wrap. It costs about $110 for a 5×10 foot roll. For a 375 square feet roll, you must spend about $750. Remember the amount of vinyl depends on the size of the car.

Most vinyl wraps are specially made for the job. These wraps come in a variety of colors and textures. The adhesive part of the vinyl wrap can last for ten years, depending on the cost, quality, and how well you have maintained your car. Therefore, a vinyl wrap job will cost you around $750+$550= $1300 to do it yourself.

How much does it cost to wrap your car by a professional?

If you want a car wrap job done by a professional, you must consider different factors that can influence the cost of the car wrap. The outstanding factors include the material used, customization charges, and the size of the vehicle, to determine the length of how much vinyl you need besides how much the tools have to be used. For example, using a heat gun will result in increased costs.

Besides these factors, the cost will be determined by the brand of the vinyl. Today, 3M leads the vinyl market. The vinyl manufacturing market is ripe with fierce competition. If you want to get a vinyl car wrap job done, you must wait for the right time.

A vinyl car wrap is expensive. It entails a lot of hard work, unlike a paint job. A car wrap is like putting together a tricky jigsaw puzzle. Certain parts might have to be cut out exactly to cover the surface of your car with extreme precision. Remember, the paint job has to be protected as much as possible. If not done carefully, the paint job will get damaged for sure.


You can carry out a car wrap job yourself. But the fact is that it is a very demanding exercise. If you are not experienced to carry out handicraft works, it will be a difficult option to choose. If you are willing to put yourself to the test, first try a little paper sticking on one of the doors of your car. Get the feel of the job. Do remember good vinyl and good equipment will still be expensive.


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