How Much does it cost to fix a Scratch on a Car Bumper

When you own a car, you’re probably scared of “how much does it cost to fix a scratch on a car bumper,” Car scrapes on the bumpers are widespread, but it’s often difficult to determine what caused them; you just woke up with them there, because either you made them and forgot, or because other drivers did it and didn’t think a small scratch would be such a big deal.

Accidents, no matter how cautious you are, are almost always unavoidable. When a car is involved in an accident, the most likely impact zone is the bumper. When a bumper is broken and brought to a mechanic’s shop, the typical process is to fix the bumper, which is critical for the safety of the vehicle.

Because a sturdy bumper is essential, every minor scrape or flaking paint dent must be repaired. Furthermore, the car’s paint is a significant component that might increase the entire cost of repairs.

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Tips on how much does it cost to fix a scratch on a car bumper

If you’re questioning “how much does it cost to fix a scratch on a car bumper,” use this as a guide. When attempting to estimate the cost of repairing a scratch on an automobile bumper, keep the following information and criteria in mind.

1. Time Required

The time it takes to repair the scratches might range from 1-3 hours. You will take the car to a mechanic and request a quote. If the scratches are too severe or the repair isn’t working, the next best choice is to replace the bumper and paint.

2. For deeper scratches

It’s also worth noting that if your automobile bumper has several scratches, matching the paint colour can be difficult. If a deep scratch exists, cover it with a Bondo solution to create a smooth surface before painting over it. It’s best not to mix colours because you will have to sand the region down and start again if they don’t match.

Repairing these types of scratches is not expensive, while most of them can be done at home instead of going to a shop and spending the extra money to do it, it does require certain skills, patience, and tools to assist you.

3. Average cost

The cost of mending a scratch on an automobile bumper, in general, is as follows:

Tiny damage on the car bumper will cost $50-$150; a moderate-severe car bumper scratch will cost $250-$600, and a massive car bumper scratch will cost $300-700. Heavy scratches: >$500 due to the additional labour involved to repair them.

4. Cost of labour

When pondering about how much it costs to fix scratches on the bumper it is also crucial to keep in mind the cost of labour. Labour rates are determined by a variety of factors in repair shops, Technicians’ skill levels and certificates. Service costs vary depending on the types and models of automobiles, with premium vehicles costing more.

5. Paint Labour

Painting comes into play once the scratch on the bumper has been removed, especially when the vehicle’s damage has been adequately repaired. The use of adhesive and other restoration materials to repair the scratches or cracks is also part of the process. The mix of all of these aids the technician in recreating the original bumper. After the restoration is completed, the surface is sanded to smooth it out. Following that, the painting phase begins, which involves a base coat. At $100 per hour, this may take up to 4–5 hours.

6. Parts Of Bumper

In any accident event, there would be some bumper parts that suffer the worst scratch.  A replacement seems to be the only option in this situation. A new bumper will set you back between $300 and $700. When components such as lights, sensors, and cameras are used, however, the cost often rises. A low-speed collision, in other words, can cost up to $1000.

7. Reporting the incident to your insurer for a bumper fix

You can claim a repair by notifying the incident to your insurer, especially if the damage was caused by someone else. This suggests that you should explore this choice, especially if you’re going through a difficult financial situation.

However, there may be costs associated with this choice, like an initial payment or the loss of your no-claims bonus. However, there are certain benefits, such as guaranteed repair and financial relief. So, when you approach your insurance, make sure to double-check all of this data.

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Need to fix a scratch on a car bumper

1. To Acquire A Better Look

Scratches on the automobile bumper may create an ugly finish. This blemish may distract from the car’s overall appearance. To stop this, you should repair scratches from your car’s bumper to keep it in good condition.

2. To Save Money in the Long Run

In the long run, getting your scratches repaired as early as possible will save you a lot of money. Putting off repairing your scratches could cost you a lot of money over time.

3. To Avoid Decline in Value

Whether you want to sell the automobile or not, keeping the value as high as possible is a smart idea. Repairing bumper scratches as promptly as they emerge is one straightforward way to do this. If your car has scratches, its value will almost surely decline.


If you’re seeking answers to questions like “how much does it cost to fix a scratch on a car bumper,” this is the place to go. Fixing bumper scratches is challenging, and a good job necessitates a significant investment in paint and repair. If you buy low-cost supplies and conduct the work yourself, these expenditures can be reduced to a few dollars. If you need to repaint a car bumper, the prices will be substantially greater.  You should also think about how much money you’re keen to invest in your vehicle to figure out how much damage needs to be repaired and how difficult it would be for you to repair it.

Before hiring someone to repair your car bumper scrapes, make sure they can promise that they will only need one session and that no other issues will arise as a result of their work. Also, make certain that they are fully responsible if something goes wrong with your car as a result of their services.

Grinding, sanding, sculpting, and painting are all methods for repairing damaged bumpers. However, the effort is worthwhile for repairs that will cost much less than your deductible.

Yes but the scratches must have been created by a covered risk in your policy, such as a vehicle accident or vandalism.

Bumper repair is less expensive, but it may take longer to complete. Bumper replacement is quicker, but it is costlier.

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