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How much does it cost to paint a car Solutions to your problems

How much does it cost to paint a car? Solutions to your problems

Giving your car paint can completely transform it. It can be for any reason, you may just feel like it’s time, or there may be scratches on your car. Regardless of the reasoning, a paint job is almost always a good idea. However, the procedure and the place where you are getting the paint job from really matters.

Getting a poor paint job will transform your car but in a bad way. Most people don’t like spending too much money on their paint jobs, but it is good practice to get a good, quality paint job. A question often asked is, how much does it cost to paint a car.

This piece will be able to guide you accordingly.


The first step for deciding on a good paint job and to figure out how much money you are willing to spend on the paint job. Now, you have to keep in mind that moderation is key. Usually, when people are going for cheaper paint jobs, it is for a fresh layer on the surface of the car and nothing more.

You don’t necessarily have to spend a fortune for that.

However, if you are the owner of a car that is considered a classic, it is always a good idea to spend more to make sure the essence of the car is retained and isn’t damaged in any way. But knowing how much it costs to paint a car is more important then.

Paints for older cars cost more than a regular every day SUV and it is a bit of an investment.

Using average paint can cheapen the car which will just lower its market price and it will no longer hold as much value. You could spend money and the car might even look worse than it did before. Spend to improve.

Pay more

When we talk about a regular paint job for a regular car, chances are there may be feasibility for you to spend less, but spending more might be better for your car. Paying more will increase the quality of the paint that is being used on your car.

If you go to a shop which is renowned, you might have to pay more, but at the same time, the services will be improved and better. The workers working on your car are likely to be more experienced and thorough in the work that they are doing. Investing more can be good for your vehicle.

If you pay more for the paint job, the process might involve sanding off, for a smoother finish. It may give the car the look that you were looking for. However, a paint job like this will cost around 5000 USD.

There are some paint jobs out there that do the job of restoration. They go into every nook and every crevice of the car and the aim is to fix it. Parts are reassembled and areas that are too damaged are worked towards. This is when the price is hiked up, even more.

In a case like this, the price may even go up to tens of thousands of dollars because of the equipment that is used and the quality of the materials. In this process, the service workers will also work on the interiors of the car. The covers, the dashboard, everything will be looked after. It isn’t amateur work because of the price that you are paying. If you have a classic, the ideal situation is to allow that kind of attention for the car, for it to come out looking better than it did before.

The intricacy and the attention to detail, makes a paint job like this worth every penny.

Price ranges

As mentioned before there are varying price ranges for each car and the kind of quality that you want. Paint jobs that are considered cheaper will cost around 600 US Dollars. These jobs will normally contain a fresh coat of paint on the surface of the car and call it a day.

The results that you get from a paint job like this are bound to be unsatisfactory because of the lack of quality and effort. This is the lowest amount that people go for when fixing their car.

The average paint job which is satisfactory and less expensive will be around 1000 USD to 1500 USD. It may even go up to about 4000 USD if you are willing to spend and if your car needs it. This is usually for the average car. Spending that much is common practice if you want your car to tended to in the right manner.

If you want a paint job which is showroom quality (when the car goes to the official showroom to be repaired) spending around 2000 USD is a good idea because of the way they do it.

Car repair places have calculated about 5000 USD on average for people who have come to get their cars repaired. If you’re asking yourself how much does it cost to paint a car, here is your answer.

Problem areas

Another advice which is often given to car owners is to not make the mistake of painting over the problem areas of the car. Chances are it will just look all the more obvious because of the uneven coverage of the paint.

The inconsistencies will become more apparent and you can forget about the smooth finish. The best option would be to invest money in restoration and make sure you are getting it done from a good place which is known for its quality.


Most people are clueless about how much it costs to paint a car. Lack of experience or interest has led to people spending more or less than the necessary amount because they did not have enough information about their own car. The first step would be to invest time in researching about your car and the kind of materials that will be perfect for it. When it comes to your car, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry.

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