How To Become A Successful Car Salesman?

Many people chose to become salesman in the automotive industry because of their interests in the sales department. Moreover, there are many techniques that are needed to be used by salesmen to become successful in their work and earn a lot of money. But it might not be possible to enjoy a wealthy life by earning a lot of money if you rely only on your salary.

Do you know how much do car salesmen make per month? The earning of a salesman depends upon different factors where the capabilities of the salesman let it earn a lot. If you do not have the skills to sell the products or other necessary skills, you might not be able to become an expert in this field.

If you do not just want to rely on your salary and want to earn more, you can get a commission for every car you sell. Getting the commission helps you earn more money and increase your salary. The increased number of car sales results in increasing your earnings. This guide explains to you what is the job of a salesman and how much does he earn monthly.

Job Of A Car Salesman

Before discussing how much do car salesmen make, let us first discuss who is a salesman and what are his responsibilities. Let us tell you that a car salesman is a person who works in a showroom or in any other store where cars are being sold. The job of the salesman is to show a variety of cars to the customers.

The salesman explains the features of every car when showing it to the customers. He helps the customers with the buying process of cars or other vehicles. Moreover, he also negotiates the sales contracts.

The duties of a salesman include providing excellent and remarkable customer service. When the customers get efficient services and are treated well, they are more likely to purchase cars from you. The salesman also refers the customers to the available inventory at the dealership where the customers are guided to find a reliable and suitable vehicle for them.

A salesman is responsible to manage the car sales contracts and the signing procedure. He communicates regarding sales proceedings between the dealership and the customer. We can say that he acts as an intermediate between the owner and the customer. He provides detailed information to the customers regarding the vehicles.

Salary of a Car Salesman

The salary of a car salesman depends upon different factors such as skills, education, experience, etc. It also depends upon the location of the company. You must be interested in knowing the average salary of the car salesman. Let us tell you that the average salary of a car salesman is about 77,580 dollars per year.

It is common that the salary of every salesperson increases every year based on his performance. If a salesman shows a lot of improvement and proves to be beneficial for increasing the sales of a company, there are more chances that such a salesman gets a higher increase in his salary as compared to others.

How much do car salesmen make is the question of every person who is interested in this career. It is because people first get information about the scope of a career and then enter it. It is because the scope of a job shows how much you will be successful in the future and whether you will be able to grow in the future or not.

Average Commission Rate of Salesman

Besides getting a salary from the company, the salesmen also find other ways to earn money. The common way that is chosen by the car salesmen is getting commission from selling every car. The low salary wage is compensated by earning the majority of the money from the sales commissions.

Now you must be wondering how much commission does car salesmen make. Let us tell you that the average commission earned by the salesmen is about 25% but it varies on different factors and companies. Do you know how the commission is calculated? If not, don’t worry when we are here for you.

The commission of the salesman is calculated on the price of the car that is sold to the customer. The decided percentage remains the same but the amount varies depending upon the cost of the car. Let us tell you that the salesman has a quote of cars that are needed to consider by them to sell the cars each month. If this quota is surpassed by the salesman, he gets a bonus or his salary is increased.

The earning of a salesman greatly depends upon his skills. If a salesman does not have efficient communication skills and selling skills, he might not be able to complete his monthly tasks due to which he cannot earn more than his salary. No doubt, a person has to work hard to achieve his goals and become successful in life.

Many people think that a salesman can never earn a six-figure salary but it is totally wrong. If a person is devoted to his work and works hard, nothing is impossible for him. If he sells a lot of vehicles every month, he can earn a lot of commission which can be more than his salary. Thus, working hard is the key to success.

How To Become A Car Salesman?

The people who are concerned about how much money do car salesmen make are interested to know how a person can become a salesman. In this section, we will explain what is necessary for you to become a salesman as it is not everyone’s cup of tea. You need to follow some important steps to get into this career and become successful.

Let’s have a look at these stages through which you have to go to enter this career and become successful:

1. Get an Appropriate Degree

Education has great importance in every field of life. It is important for us to get educated first before entering into a profession. So, to become a car salesman, you must have an appropriate degree. Getting education regarding business and sales would be great.

Let us tell you that you must have at least a bachelor’s degree to become a car salesman. Having a bachelor’s degree will be helpful for you to find your desired job because people with an appropriate degree are preferred over people who are less educated.

There are many degrees that can help you become a salesman such as administration, sales, business, communications, etc. All these degrees will be helpful for you in the future to earn a lot of money and become qualified in your position.

2. Learn Skills

After getting your degree, you need to develop your skills and techniques. It is not necessary to learn and enhance your skills after completing your degree, you can also do it during your study period. Moreover, after completing your bachelor’s degree, you can join a low-level company to gain some experience and apply for a Master’s degree at the same time.

For improving your sales skills, you need to practice them a lot. So, for this purpose, you need to do an internship at a company where the internship can be paid or unpaid. You can also work in a company as a salesman to gain some experience and enhance your skills.

Doing a job in a company will help you to learn the effective techniques that can help you to attract the customers towards your presented products and make their minds buy those products. It would be best if you work in a car company to gain experience, otherwise, you can also work in any other company where there is a need for a salesman. You might also be provided with a training session.

Learning the skills will be helpful for you to learn how to determine the needs and requirements of the customers. When you are successfully identifying the customer’s needs, you can show them the products accordingly. So, you will be able to know what type of car is needed by the customer.

3. Learn From Your Colleagues

When you work in an organization, you get to learn a lot from your colleagues no matter what type of company you are working for. If there are senior employees in the company you are working for, they will teach you some important skills and techniques. Most importantly, they will help in developing confidence in you.

We can say that it is one of the best ways to learn skills, innovative sales strategies, and knowledge about cars if you work with other employees and experienced colleagues. They teach you their own methods of selling products so that you could increase the sales metrics.

They also help you in developing communication skills. They teach you how to interact with the customers and how to make up their minds to buy a product from the company you are working for. So, it is necessary to build strong relations with your colleagues. You can ask them for their honest suggestions and feedback to enhance your skills.

3. Know the Marketplace

A car salesman’s commission greatly depends upon the market in which he is working. It is important for you to always keep checking the job market to get a better opportunity. For example, if you are working in a low-level company, you should keep looking for job opportunities in large companies that are well-known and reputable. Working in such companies will be beneficial for you as you would be able to learn more skills and get more pay.

It is recommended to you to keep applying to different companies to enhance your skills and learn more about car and selling techniques. Let us tell you that each dealership offers you a different salary depending upon its system. He decides what percentage will be given to you for the sales commission. So, you should keep looking for other dealerships to get more commission.

You should make sure that you have a good financial start so you should look for working with the company that could offer you the highest base pay as well as commission percentage. So, you need to keep checking the job market for comparing and contrasting the dealership wages.

4. Use Resources

If you want to become a professional and reputable car salesman, you need to use your resources. You can enhance your interactions with customers along with improving your sales quotas. You can take the help of online resources to enhance your skills. For this purpose, you can read online articles and watch videos regarding the improvement of your skills.

You can watch the videos in which the people explain how to enhance your communication skills and how you can build strong relations with others. There are many influencers out there that are providing you with information about effective communication techniques.

You can also read books about selling cars. All these books and videos are easily available on the internet so make sure you have an active internet connection. You can search for a course, seminars, lectures, articles, and websites that could guide you to become a successful salesman.

No doubt, you will have to put in a lot of effort to become an expert car salesman. You should not only learn from the professional people around you but you also need to learn some important skills and techniques yourself through the internet or by reading books from the library. So, spare some time for yourself and dedicate it to improving your expertise. As a result, you will be able to make more money.

What Skills Are Important For A Salesman?

We know that every field requires some important skills to excel. For example, a teacher must have good communication skills and teaching skills so that he could teach the students well and the students can understand him easily. Moreover, the students can also communicate easily with such teachers and can ask them questions about the topic they couldn’t understand.

Similarly, a doctor must know about different techniques to find out the disease and its cure. When it comes to a salesman, he also needs to learn some important skills and techniques so that he could become professional and provide quality services. Some of these skills have been mentioned below:

1. Listening Skills

It is important for a car salesman to have active listening skills so that he could determine the needs of the customers. We know that when a customer visits a shop, he tells you about his needs, requirements, and expectations regarding a product. The salesman then shows him the product according to the needs of the customer.

If the salesman would not have active listening skills, he wouldn’t understand the needs of the customers. Thus, he will not show the cars to the customers just as they want. So, it is important for you, as a salesman, to focus on what the customer is saying to you. When you listen to the customers, it lets them feel that you are paying attention and showing interest in their needs and opinions.

Let us tell you when you are listening to the customers with great focus, you get a better understanding of their needs of the customers. You show them better showcase cars when they communicate with you. When the customers are done sharing what they want, then you should offer them a response. Remember, you should not offer them any product without listening to their needs.

2. Communication Skills

Communication skills are considered the most important skills that are needed in every field. No matter which profession it is, whether teaching or cooking, you must have effective communication skills because communication is a key to success. If you do not know how to communicate with the customers, you cannot promote your products and services.

You must know how to communicate with the customers and how to build a friendly relationship with them. You should never be rude to them otherwise it will not only affect your reputation but also the reputation of the company you are working in badly.

You should show the customers that you are greatly concerned about their needs and want to provide them with the products or services that would be beneficial for customers. You should not only communicate with the customers politely but also with your colleagues. It means you must be polite and communicate efficiently with everyone with whom you interact.

3. Honesty

Honesty is the best policy to become successful. Do you want to become successful? Be honest. Do you want to earn more money? Be honest in your dealings. Do you want to build good relations with your colleagues and customers? Never lie to them and be honest with them always. You will surely get success.

We can say honesty is the best skill that must be included in a car salesman. You should share the information about the cars with sincerity and ensure the customer that you are being 100% honest with him. Providing the right and correct information about the vehicles will be helpful for the customer to decide which car is suitable for him.

If a customer asks you a question about the car you are showing him, it is necessary for you to be honest with him. You should disclose all the information about that car to the customer and do not lie about anything. If you are not sure about something, it would be best to ask an experienced and expert colleague who can provide you with accurate information.

4. Confidence

When you decide to become a salesman, you must be confident enough to communicate with the customers. You may also have to face rejections in life so you must be confident to face different situations and never give up. You must have a high level of tenacity, positivity, and confidence.

To develop confidence in yourself, you must have faith in yourself. Plus, you must also have faith in the product you are selling so that you could present it to customer care. Let us take an example of beauty cream and you are selling it to a customer. If you do not believe that this cream will enhance the beauty of a person, you wouldn’t be able to present it to the customer confidently and you will fail in convincing him to buy your product.

The same is the case with selling a car. When you do not believe that a car is best for a family, you would not be able to convince a customer to buy it for his family. But if you believe that the car you are presenting to the customer is worth buying for a family because it has a lot of space inside and many other features, you will be able to convince the customer to buy that product.


How much commission does a car salesman make?

A salesman gets a commission of about 25% on every car he sells. If we calculate it in dollars, the average commission will be about 28940 dollars. The salesman can earn more from commissions depending upon the number of cars he sells.

How much do car salesmen make per car?

A salesman makes about 2900 dollars per car. This estimate is not accurate as it is the average estimated cost.

What skills are needed to become a salesman?

A salesman must have effective communication skills, active listening skills, honesty, and confidence.

How can a salesman improve his skills?

A salesman can improve his skills by learning from his expert colleagues and from the internet.


Many people think that a salesman can never earn a six-digit salary but they are wrong. If the salary of a car salesman is not too much, he earns more by earning a commission per car. The more he sells cars the more he gets a commission.

So, it is important for a salesman to have quality and effective skills so that he could become successful in his field and earn more.

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