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How Many Miles Can A Car Last

How Many Miles Can A Car Last?

You can determine the quality and performance of a car by checking how many miles it can cover per year. It is assumed that the average number of miles covered by a car is 12,000. If you want to determine the quality of a car and calculate how reasonable its mileage is, you should multiply 12,000 by the age of your car.

Do you know how many miles a car can last? Let us tell you that the average age of a car is about fourteen years. But it is the assumed age of the car at scrappage. When we talk about the average age of cars on the road, it is about eight years.

When you own a high-mileage car, you are always under stress that it can stop at any time. So, it is necessary for you to keep track of the miles that have been traveled by your car. But it is not easy to keep track. You should know that the mileage of your car greatly depends upon the way you treat it.

It is necessary for you to take care of your car routinely and drive it smoothly and safely. So, it will result in increasing the life of your car. If your car is well-maintained, it can last for a very long time, i.e. it can last more than the average life of a car. Thus, you should consider the factors that affect the mileage of your car.

How Many Miles Can A Car Last?

Are you concerned about how many miles a car can last? Don’t worry when we are here for you. Let us enhance your knowledge by telling you that your car can easily achieve the goal of covering a distance up to 200,000 miles. The use of advanced technology in modern vehicles has made them able to run thousands of miles easily.

Today, the vehicles have been improved than before because they have quality parts, lubrication, rust prevention, etc. features that make them more durable and long-lasting. Keeping your car with you for a long time is not only good for your mental health but also for your wallet.

How To Improve The Mileage Of Your Car?

After getting to know how many miles a car can last, let us now discuss some important tips that you need to consider for improving the mileage of your car. Considering these things and following these important tips will help you increase the life of your car so that you could enjoy the lovely ride of your beloved car.

Now, let us come towards our main topic which discusses different ways that could let you improve your car’s mileage.

1. Maintain The Car’s Battery

It is important for you to keep the battery of your car maintained. If you do not use your car for a long time, you should know that you are not saving your car’s battery, instead you are damaging and degrading it. It is because your car’s battery will go flat if you will not use it for a long time.

It would be best if you use a trickle charger to maintain the durability and efficiency of your car’s battery. When you use your car after a very long time, you may damage the engine management system of your car along with other electronics.

2. Park The Car Inside

It is recommended to you that you park your car inside your house i.e. in the garage instead of parking it outside your house. The purpose is to protect your car, its battery, and other parts from the weather, flying debris, pollen, and the harmful radiations coming from the sun.

You should know that all these things contribute to affecting the performance of your car and also result in reducing the life of your car. Moreover, a single scratch can also damage the frame of your vehicle. So, it would be best if you do not keep your car outside for so long if you are greatly concerned about the life and performance of your car.

3. Drive Smoothly

Do you want your car to last for about fifteen years or more? Then, you should drive smoothly on the road or any other surface instead of driving roughly. You should know that a rough drive can affect the mileage of your car. Plus, it also results in damaging other parts of your car.

It is recommended that you apply the brake and gas smoothly and slowly. Make sure that you are not slamming any surface or any other thing. Let us give you an example that you should drive like you have your grandma with you in your car so you cannot drive fast or roughly. You need to take care of your car like you take care of your elder ones.

4. Change Air Filters Regularly

Do you know how many miles can a car last before it breaks down greatly depending upon the different parts of your car? For example, if the air filters of your car are clogged or damaged, you will see that you are finding difficulty running your car smoothly. Thus, your car’s performance is affected badly if there is an issue with the air filters.

The air filters are needed to be renewed regularly so you should replace them whenever you service your car. You can also save money when you change the air filter and oil filter when servicing your car. Make sure you do not use poor quality and cheap filters in your vehicle because they can damage your car’s engine which in turn is dangerous for your car’s life.

5. Use Your Car’s AC

Do you know the air conditioner systems leak refrigerant gas with the passage of time if you do not use the AC of your car? Surely, you were not aware of this before. Let us enhance your knowledge by telling you that when you use your car’s AC after a very long time, you will see the difference in its performance as it will not provide you with efficient cooling like before.

Many people think that they can save fuel if they keep the AC turned off. But let us tell you that you will pay for air conditioning gas instead. Do you want to pay more money and spend most of the hot time in your car without turning on the AC and keep sweating? No one would like to do that. Then why are you not caring about your health as well as money? Do think about it!

6. Change Spark Plugs

We know that the spark plugs play a vital role in the functioning of our vehicle. If the spark plugs are damaged, you can not drive smoothly and safely. Do you want to risk your life? Surely not! No one would like to do it. Everyone is greatly concerned about his health.

So, we recommend you change your vehicle’s spark plugs if you do not want the mileage and performance of your car to get affected badly. Do you know how to change them? If not, then there is no need to worry about it. You can hire a professional mechanic to replace these spark plugs with new and quality ones.

Now, you might be thinking when would you know that the spark plugs need to be replaced. So, let us tell you that if you get your car checked by a mechanic regularly, he will tell you these spark plugs need to be changed. Plus, you can also find this out if the spark plug is in poor condition and your engine is not working properly. It is the time you should change the spark plugs.

7. High-Quality Fuel

The quality of the fuel matters a lot! Have you ever considered what quality of fuel you are using for your vehicle? Do you know what happens if you use low-quality fuel? Do you know about the consequences of using cheap quality fuel for your vehicle? If not, then you must be aware of it.

We know that our vehicle needs fuel to run. So, you need to use high-quality fuel for this purpose, otherwise, the engine of your car will get damaged badly. Not only the engine but other parts of your car that are associated with the engine are also affected badly that in turn affects your car’s mileage.

It is recommended to check the fuel level in your car before starting to drive it. make sure that it is between the minimum and maximum markers. Plus, if you see that your car has dirty and dark oil, you should not drive your car and remove this oil instead. You can use shop-bought screenwash for this purpose instead of using a washing-up liquid.

8. Check The Tires

The tires are considered one of the most important parts of your car that helps it in covering long distances depending upon your needs and desires. If the tires are available in good quality then you can enjoy a safe ride and can cover a lot of miles with your car. But you are not guaranteed the safety of your health and life if the tires are damaged.

It is recommended that you keep checking the tires of your car so that you could save your life as well as the life of your car. So, checking it once a week would be enough. Let us tell you that if you have under-inflated tires, they will result in increased fuel consumption.

9. Keep Your Car Covered

You should know that dust is dangerous for your car as it affects your engine badly. So, it would be great if you keep your car protected and do not let dust and debris enter any of its parts. It can be done by covering your car whenever it is not in use.

You can buy a car cover for your car which is specially designed to protect your car from dust and debris. It also protects your car’s frame and paints from the waste of birds. Plus, covering your car will also protect it from harmful rays of the sun.

If you do not have a car cover and you need to park your car somewhere so that you could go shopping or anywhere else, you should park your car under the garden shed. Moreover, you should park it in the garage instead of parking outside so that you could reduce the risks of accidental damage, theft, and vandalism.

10. Don’t Burden Your Car

Remember, you should not put a lot of burden on your car. It means it is necessary to keep the weight down if you want to drive smoothly and do not affect the mileage of your car. You must always be in search of different ways that could let you reduce the weight on your cat so that the miles per gallon could be increased. It also helps you in meeting the emissions requirements.

So, you should keep the weight as minimum as you can. If you put extra weight on it, your car’s fuel economy will be affected badly. Plus, more pressure will be put on the tires which can result in damaging the tires. It also adds wear and tear to your brakes and suspension.

The only solution to this problem is to remove some of the things present in your car so that the weight of your car could be reduced. You should start it by removing the glove box and door pockets. Then, you should look under the seats if there is any bottle or any other thing there. Check your car thoroughly and take out all the unnecessary things from your car.

Car’s Age VS Mileage

When buying a car, you are confused about what factors you should consider to find the best and most suitable car for you depending on your needs, desires, and more importantly, your budget. When it comes to deciding between a car’s age or mileage, people get really confused. For example, when you visit the market and there you see that the price of a ten-year-old car is more than a seven-year-old car with considerably higher mileage.

In this situation, you must be wondering why the cost of an older car is more than the other one where the cost of the older car should be cheaper. But let us tell you that there is a difference between the mileage and age of a car where these factors have a great impact on the value of your car.

Before you search for your desired car, you must first know the importance of mileage and age for a car. You should know that the number of miles that are covered by a car is considered one of the most important factors that determine the price of a car. It shows that the amount of wear and tear of the vehicle has been sustained over time.

So, a vehicle having higher mileage is the one that is more expensive than the car that comes with fewer miles. No doubt, you will be provided with a quality ride even if the mileage is lower but if we compare it with the car with higher mileage, we would recommend you to buy the one that has higher mileage.

The mileage of a car means how many miles a car can last. Mostly, the service life of some of your car’s parts depends upon the mileage of your car. We can say that there is a direct impact of the miles traveled by car on the condition of your car’s suspension and engine.

If you service your car regularly, there are chances that the life of your car will be increased and you can enjoy its ride for a very long time. You should fix the issues, if any occur, on time so that your car can have a longer lifespan.

List Of Cars That Last 300,000 Miles

In this section, some of the cars that can last 300,000 miles or more have been mentioned. As they offer higher mileage, their cost is also like that. It means these are expensive cars so make sure you are not low on a budget if you want to buy any of them.

Let’s have a look at some of these cars:

1. Honda Civic

We can say Honda Civic is one of the best cars that is enriched with remarkable features. When it comes to the mileage of this car, you can cover more than 300,000 miles easily. Thus, it is known as a long-lasting product and efficient vehicle.

2. Toyota Prius

Toyota Prius is a smart car that has been enriched with battery technology. You can see advanced and modern batteries have been installed in this car making it durable and having higher mileage. Its advanced batteries let it cover a distance of more than 600,000 miles. It means you can drive it for more than ten years. Plus, you also do not need to spend much money on its maintenance like other vehicles.

3. Honda CR-V

Honda CR-V is considered one of the most elite vehicles. Its body is so attractive to the customers. Plus, it comes with remarkable quality features and parts. The minimum life of this car is about ten years. Its durability has also increased its value in the resale market.

4. Chevrolet Silverado 1500

If you are looking for a long-lasting truck, Chevrolet Silverado 1500 is there for you. It is one of the top seller vehicles in the world. It can last up to 300,000 miles which makes it durable. You can drive this vehicle on any type of road whether it is smooth or rough.

5. Lexus GS

Lexus is known as one of the best companies that manufacture quality products with remarkable specifications. You can also read reviews about this car and check its rating on the internet. It is well-known for manufacturing reliable and affordable products. Lexus GS is one of the famous products of this company that can last over 300,000 miles. Plus, it is spacious, plus, accessible and comfortable.


How many miles can a car last?

An average car lasts up to 200,000 miles or more depending upon how well you keep it maintained.

Can a car reach 500,000 miles?

Yes, a car can reach 500,000 miles only if they get extraordinary care and maintenance.

What is the highest mileage on a car?

The highest mileage on a car is about 3,000,000 miles. This record was made by using a Volvo 1800S in 1966.

Which brand’s car lasts the longest?

The cars of Toyota are the ones that last the longest. Honda and Nissan come after Toyota in this race.

What is the most reliable car?

The most reliable car today is the Toyota Prius which lets you enjoy the perks of longevity.


Do you want to buy a car? Do you know what factors to be considered? If you were not aware of the factors to be considered when buying a car, this article has guided you. It has enriched your knowledge by sharing the difference between mileage and age of a car where the importance of both the factors has also been explained.

We would recommend you to buy a car that has high mileage so that it could last for a longer time period. Plus, the cars having higher mileage are considered the ones that offer you the quality performance of the engine and many other parts of the car. It is important for you to spend time and money on the maintenance of your car if you want to increase its life.

The average miles covered by a personal car are about 200,000 or more. The number of miles can be increased depending upon how much you take care of your car.

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