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How long does motor oil last What is the reality

How long does motor oil last? What is the reality?

Many motor oils producing companies believe that if the oil is unopened, secured in its original container, it can last for several years.

However, it has been a major question or concern for many car lovers whether how long does motor oil last? According to specialists, the statement by major companies is too good to be true. Motor oil can last for a couple of years but it varies between two and five years.

To be precise it is quite hard to decide the life of motor oil as it depends on various factors. It entirely depends on the exposure rate. It might start degrading at a rapid speed once it is revealed to the affecting components.

This article will highlight whether motor oil, the shelf life of motor oil, and what are the factors affecting motor oil.

What is the shelf life of motor oil?

Every motor oil consists of various petroleum products which start to react once they are uncovered to oxygen, water, air, and other factors.

However, keeping the oil safe from heat exposure can increase its life more than you can think of. If the oil bottle is nicely sealed, the protected oil can last up to five years.

Sometimes, it becomes hard to recall how old the oil is. To examine the quality and to check the reliability of it, you can pour it into a container and check whether the oil is in pale brown color (FRESH OIL COLOR) or not.

If you notice any kind of thickness in it, there are chances that water has made its way into it. Moreover, if the color has darkened, most likely the oil has rotten up and has become unusable for cars.

For how long motor oil survives?

It has been a vital concern for many car drivers. Precisely, people who love their vehicles will never compromise on the quality. Motor oil is essential to keep the car running at its best or supreme form.

The life of motor oil is highly dependent on the driving conditions. For example, if you are one of those who use their car more often, chances are you will need to change the oil often. On the contrary, if you use your car rarely, you may not need frequent changes. Therefore, driving conditions are considered as the major determiners for how long does motor oil last.

The oil starts to get darkened once the additives which are inside the oil are exhausted. The additives include – detergents, dispersants, acid neutralizers, and several other factors. Once you start driving the car, these components are depleting the usage.

According to experts, every car owner is suggested to change the car oil once it reaches the mark of 3000 miles. However, many car owners try to save their money and stretch the miles up to 5000 – 7000 miles which is wrong.

Once you notice that the car is not performing efficiently; it is high time to change the oil of your car.

3 Things to know about oil changes for your vehicle

Don’t get confused about when to change the oil of your car or how often to change it. The factors mentioned below will help you understand it.

Exact time to change the oil

Many car owners are unaware of the fact when to change the oil. Due to lack of experience, they tend to delay the oil changing process which affects the performance of the car.

Firstly, it is suggested to check the manufacturing company’s manual; it can prove to be the perfect guide for you. Instead of making assumptions, try to get aid from a professional. This would save you from any further damages.

In all modern cars and SUVs, companies have installed indicators or reminder monitors. The car owners are informed and reminded that the oil needs to be changed.

How many times must one check the oil level?

According to experts, the oil level should be checked at least once a month. However, you shouldn’t be entirely dependent on the specialist’s advice, you should refer to the manual provided by the manufacturing company too.

If you’re checking the oil level on your own, make sure to park the car on a ground level to attain accurate readings. However, some modern cars don’t have a dipstick to check the oil levels.

How often to change the oil?

Every car owner is motivated to change the oil once the car crosses the mark of 3000 miles. However, no one should be much influenced by any suggestion and should refer to the guidebook provided by the production company.

The book might ask you to change the oil after every 7500 miles, so this way you could save an ample amount of dollars.


People have numerous misconceptions about the maintenance of the car. Instead of searching for various recommendations, try to get them from an authorized personality.

Remove the maintenance myths from your mind, and run your car in the smoothest form.

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