How long should a car battery lasting the new car?

If your car engine is the heart of your car, then a battery is its brain. It is vital to check your car’s battery health regularly and keep it updated. If your car’s battery is not working efficiently, you may face serious problems, and it could affect heavily on your car’s overall health as well.

In this write-up, we are going to tell you how long should a car battery last, what are the causes that lead to battery failure, how to identify if you need a new car battery, and what things to look for when purchasing a new car battery.

How long should a car battery last?

The lifespan of a car battery depends on several factors. However, if you are living in colder parts of the country, you can expect your car’s battery to be workable for a maximum of four years. On the contrary, in places where hot and humid weather is usual, the lifespan of a car’s battery drops down further to a maximum of two years. One of the major reasons for this is, during hot weather, the liquid inside the battery evaporates, which weakens the battery.

Moreover, chemical reactions can also wear off the battery sometimes, even if you live in ideal weather conditions.

What are the major causes of a dead battery?

As stated above, multiple reasons can result in your car’s battery breaking down. Apart from weather conditions, if your car is parked for a long period and is not used, it may also cause the battery to breakdown. A major reason behind this is that your battery doesn’t get time to recharge.

A car’s battery recharges itself when the car is moving. This is why when you take your car to drive on a highway, the drive becomes smooth and easy as you cover the distance. On the other hand, the shorter time your car is on the road, the lesser time your battery gets to recharge itself.

Apart from this, if the charging system or starter motor becomes faulty, it may also affect the health of your battery. Moreover, other reasons for a faulty battery or battery failure may include incorrect battery type or incorrect size, loose, worn-out, or dirty terminals, etc.

Signs when you must buy a new car battery

When it’s about time to replace your old battery with a brand new battery, your car starts giving key signals. Be vigilant and never ignore any signs. Here we have mentioned a few common warning signs that should be enough to convince you to buy a new battery. If you can relate to any sign that is mentioned here, you must conclude your thoughts with what is essential to do.

As you switch on the ignition, chemical reactions occur in the battery, which turns into electrical energy. This energy kicks start the motor and engine. Therefore, if your engine has slowed down or it takes time to start, this could be a strong indication that you need to replace your battery as soon as possible.

Moreover, all the components that work with electricity are somehow connected with the battery, for example, headlights, dashboard lights, etc. If you face issues with your car’s electronics or your lights are not as bright as they used to be, it could also be a strong indication.

Apart from that, if your engine lights suddenly turn on, there could be two reasons for it. One is that your car needs engine maintenance, and the other is that the juice of your battery is running out. Furthermore, a bad smell coming out of your car’s bonnet as you open it means that your battery is leaking chemicals, and you must get it checked as soon as possible.

Corroded connectors, swollen battery case, and old battery are also among the signs that it’s time for a new car’s battery.

Things to keep in mind before buying a new battery

As you are about to purchase a brand new battery for your car, you must invest your money smartly. If you are wondering how long should a new car battery last, then know it will also have the same period that your previous battery had. However, there are other reasons as well that will ensure the wellbeing of your battery and decide how long it will work.

Moreover, when you are purchasing a new battery, keep in mind that a brand new battery doesn’t need a charge. Unlike older times, the new and modern batteries come charged. Make sure, when you are purchasing the new battery, the box is sealed, it is of fourteen volts, and the manufacturer is reliable.


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