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How Long can Your Car Go without an Oil Change

How Long can Your Car Go without an Oil Change

If you are like most people, you probably don’t know when the last time was that your car had an oil change. This is a mistake. Your car needs to have its oil changed regularly in order for it to function properly and keep running smoothly for years to come.

In this article, we will discuss how long can your car go without an oil change and what happens if you neglect this maintenance step!

Why Oil Change is Important for Your Car?

If you are wondering how long can your car go without an oil change, it is important for you to understand the signicifacance if oil change.

You know that your car has to be serviced every six months, but do you ever wonder what’s happening inside when the mechanic drops off a huge jar of oil for rotation? Motor oils serve many functions in modern vehicles. They keep engine parts well-lubricated by providing protection from overheating and wear due to friction between them all together as they rotate within the machinery under hood.

Oil also carries away bits dirt which could potentially end up lodging itself onto one moving surface somewhere along its length so this keeps everything rust free!

A frequent oil change can help avoid costly repairs or even worse: an accident because now we’ll have plenty more time spend with friends rather than fixing our broken down ride.

The oil in your car isn’t the most exciting topic, but it’s important to keep up with. You should know that over time exposure will cause sludge and debris from clogging up an engine’s vital filters which make sure all parts function properly!

All this could be avoided if you took a little bit of money out for some synthetic blend motor oils today though- just think about how many repairs would go away tomorrow?

Although briefly discussed above, but major benefits of regular oil change are listed here as well:

Maintains Proper Lubrication

The car has a lot of parts and they all work together to make sure the vehicle runs smoothly. If you take care their lubrication, it creates less wear on these essential engine components which will lead to higher efficiency in operation for your car!

The manual should tell users what kind oil is recommended by quality or weight so that everyone knows how often they need top change stuff like filters along with fluids undercarriage if reading an Owner’s Manual before starting up any type vehicles.

An auto repair service provider or the oil change specialist might be handy if you are unaware that which oil must be used.

Improves Gas Mileage

The best way to increase gas mileage is by refilling your engine with new oil. The U.S Department of Energy found that when cars have been properly lubricated, they can reduce fuel consumption by up 2%. This may not seem like a lot compared to other things in life but you might be surprised how much money this saves over time!

Enhances Vehicle’s Life

No need to be a mechanic – just keep up with the routine maintenance and your car will thank you for it. If there are no toxins inside of it, then its components stay intact- meaning that their job gets easier! Plus, since they don’t have to work as hard as normal (due an absence on toxic buildup), engines can last longer before needing replacement or fixing again.

Efficiently Removes Sludge

Routine oil changes are the best way to keep your engine in working order. When you change it every couple of thousand miles, not only will this protect against sludge and rust but also extend its life!

So, the above reasons and benefits are sufficient enough to make you realize how much oil change is necessary for a vehicle. Let’s step further to know more details.

What Things Happen if Oil is not Changed for a Long Time?

Oil changes are an essential part of maintaining your car, so it’s important to know how long you can put off having one. The primary jobs for oil in a vehicle include lubricating metal parts and removing heat from them as well as cleaning out any dirt or grime that might be present with each change we make at the garage!

Old dirty oil can’t do its job properly so it builds up on the engine and damages your car. This is because rust-fighters, detergents etc., all decrease with time which makes for a less efficient cleaning process in need of an update!

You should change your oil regularly and if it starts to drop, there could be a problem. Burning through the sludge at an alarming rate can bring about some unique issues that you may not want on your hands!

How Often Oil should be changed?

Modern engines are designed with synthetic oil, allowing them to go five thousand miles between changes. But if you drive more than this range without checking your vehicle’s owner’s manual for recommended interval times-it could be risky!

This is because cars made before 2010 used mineral oils which have been phased out and no longer provide adequate protection against corrosion when exposed long term at high mileages–especially on older models such as gas guzzlers or sports sedans that often see heavy use daycare center style (with all due respect).

The general recommendation from car manufacturers is to have an oil change every 6 months, no matter how many miles you drive. This means that even if your last fill-up was over a year ago and it’s only 1K more before next appointment – which can seem like forever when waiting around at dealerships or paying someone else who charges double just because they’re willing enough (not)-you still need this basic maintenance service done on time as scheduled!


With all the information and facts provided, you will have got the answer how long can your car go without an oil change. You definitely need a regular oil change for keeping it in good and smooth running condition. So, take care of the points mentioned above and enjoy your vehicle’s ride!

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