How Long Can You Drive On a Spare Tire? Important Things To Know

In earlier days, automobiles came standard with a spare tire that was an exact match for the tires already mounted on the vehicle. Because the spare tire is used so seldom, automobile manufacturers have discovered over the years that it does not make much sense to equip every car with a full-sized spare tire. Instead, they have begun to equip cars with a smaller spare tire. As a result of this, manufacturers started shipping vehicles with a space-saver spare, sometimes referred to as a donut, rather than a full-size spare tire.

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Can Spare Tires Be Used as a Permanent Replacement?

Spare tires should never be used as a permanent replacement in today’s world, which raises the question “how long can you drive on a spare tire”. Your ability to travel for a certain amount of time and distance before having to replace or repair a flat tire is directly correlated to the sort of spare tire that comes standard on your car.

How Long Can You Drive on a Spare Tire Before it Has to be Replaced?

These spares are meant to be slim and compact in order to conserve room and weight inside the vehicle, which in turn enables the makers to produce a more compact vehicle. On the other hand, the tire’s construction is not very durable. In the owner’s handbook for your vehicle, you will find suggestions for optimal driving time and speed. Before you have to replace your donut with a new tire, you should not travel more than 70 miles or more than 50 miles per hour. This is the basic guideline.

Because they have very little or no tread, space-saver and donut tires should not be used for extended periods of time. This leaves the spare tire susceptible to damage from projectiles and other hazards that may be encountered on the road. In addition to this, since it is much smaller than the car’s other three tires, it turns more quickly and keeps up with the moving vehicle.

How Long Can We Drive on Run-Flat Tires? When Does it Become Dangerous?

As tire producers recognize that run-flat tires need less maintenance than standard tires, they are beginning to produce more of these types of tires. Run-flat tires are almost certainly something that comes standard on your BMW or MINI if it was manufactured in the last few years. These tires are more durable than the majority of tires, but unlike a full-size spare tire, they are not meant to survive indefinitely.

These run-flat tires are designed to survive most types of road hazards, including punctures, hence the manufacturer does not provide a spare tire with the purchase. After being punctured, a run-flat tire may be driven on for around 50 miles before it has to be changed. Conventional tires, on the other hand, either deflate completely or blow out when they are damaged. However, the cost to replace these tires is more than that of standard tires.

Even if these tires provide you with a little bit more freedom to maneuver, you should still check the tire as soon as you become aware of any change in the tire’s pressure. This will give you an estimate of how much time you have until you have to replace your tire.

How Far Does a Full-Size Spare Tire Go Before It Has to be Replaced?

There were cars that came with spare tire wells that are large enough to accommodate full-size spares. This is still the case with many older types of automobiles, in addition to certain contemporary ones. If you purchased a truck, SUV, or any big vehicle, the chances are good that the spare tire on your automobile is a full-size one. These tires are more durable and can manage a drive in a manner that is comparable to that of a standard tire, despite the fact that they are heavier and need a greater room for storage.

Once you realize that one of your car’s tires has become punctured and is irreparable, you can ask the auto repair personnel to put on the full-size spare tire on the original rim of your car.

It is vital to keep in mind that these tires are not often created by the same manufacturer responsible for the other four tires. This means that it will have a different driving experience compared to the other tires on your vehicle. It is our recommendation that you get new tires as soon as you are able to do so within your financial means; but, this may easily buy you some further time.

The Bottom Line

This was all we had to tell you about driving your car with different sorts of spare tires mounted and to what distance they can go safely. It is always recommended that you go with the manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the usage of spare tires.

We hope that we have explained well what you were here for, but If you have any further queries on the topic  “how long can you drive on a spare tire”, do feel free to write to us.

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