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How far you can drive on a bad wheel bearing The noises are the real indication

How far you can drive on a bad wheel bearing: The noises are the real indication


Regardless of the car you own, a bad wheel bearing might occur at any time. As a result, the question of how far you can drive on a bad wheel bearing arises.

Nobody wants to take chances with their safety, whether they’re traveling alone or with their loved ones. Sometimes minor failures can cause fatal damages. We advise that you inspect and repair your car on a regular basis

A damaged wheel bearing is one of the severe hazards that many drivers overlook. This component can give you clear indications that it’s time to replace or repair it. Squealing, chirping, and growling sounds could be heard as warning signals.

Sounds can be pretty irritating at times, and you may prefer to make your automobile soundproof. However, at this time, that is not a matter of concern. It is not a practical alternative to mask the sound of the wheel bearing; instead, you should focus on replacing it.

Do you want to know how far you can drive with a faulty wheel bearing? We’re here to provide you with that information. Also, take a quick glance at the table of contents to see what this article has to offer.

How far can you drive on a bad wheel bearing: The noises are the real indication

What is a wheel bearing and how does it work?

In layman’s terms, a wheel bearing is a crucial component for an automobile to move. This part connects the wheel to the axle. It’s essentially a set of steel balls connected by a metal ring for improved grip.

Wheel bearings are made of hardened steel and can last for months or years depending on the use and conditions of your vehicle. The wheel can travel smoothly with the help of wheel bearings, minimizing friction in the process.

Furthermore, wheel bearings are required to carry the car’s load while it is in motion. Wheel bearings are continuously in use, whether you’re accelerating, braking, or turning the vehicle, which is why they should be in great condition.

How long do wheel bearings last?

The lifespan of wheel bearings is difficult to predict because it is influenced by several factors. According to our research, a decent quality wheel bearing can endure between 136,000 and 160,000 kilometers (about 85,000 and 100,000 miles). That’s quite impressive.

As previously stated, the quality of the wheel bearings has a significant impact on the durability and duration of the vehicle. Because some wheel bearings can endure less or perhaps more time, there is no definitive solution.

If your car is making a strange noise while driving, you should inspect the wheel bearings. It is crucial for you to realize that broken brake pads occasionally make a similar noise. You must be certain.

Catalytic converters and other components might also contribute to the noises. Check to see if the other components are working properly before blaming the wheel bearings.

What are the reasons for faulty wheel bearings?

Wheel bearings, like other parts of the car, become faulty over a while. They have the potential to fail again and time again.

Let’s take a look at the reasons why your wheel bearings are creating strange noises.

Faulty installation

To save some money, people tend to carry out the procedure by themselves. However, the chances of faulty installation increase in this case.

The wheel bearings will start making noises if you reuse the bolts, pins, and seals instead of replacing them with new ones. It is suggested that you replace the worn-out items with fresh ones.

Furthermore, if you use a hammer or other power equipment to fix the wheel bearing, there is a danger that the wheel bearing will be damaged.

This, of course, would increase your danger.

Poor road impact the wheel bearings

Roads are filled with potholes and uneven patches. It becomes impossible to save your car from hitting the bumps on the road. Due to this reason, the wheel bearings wear off easily.

Poor quality wheel bearings

Safety should never be compromised, which is why we recommend you invest in this component. When you’re driving, you’re continuously using wheel bearings, and they’re necessary for your vehicle to move.

As a result, we recommend that you use high-quality wheel bearings that can resist the pressures of the road and the vehicle.


It is recommended to keep your vehicle serviced at all times as a simple approach to avoid all problems and unanticipated accidents. Wheel bearings, like other components, are required for your vehicle to move. Rather than compromise on quality, always go for the finest.

Let’s hope that this guide on how far you can drive on a bad wheel bearing helps you realize how critical it is.

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