How far in advance to Rent a Car for best price

Finally, you got your ‘me time’ after long leg-breaking months. Now, you have an urge to get on to some adventure before the end of these blissful days. If that is the case, then rent a car, play your favorite track and leave to a place where you cannot only relax but enjoy your treat as well.

However, when we talk about booking a car rental, we are aware that all that build-up has come down to nothing because all of us know; renting a car is an expensive option. Well, if you play your cards right and stay with us until the end, we will reveal a secret that will lower the cost of your rent a car and will make your travel experience a memorable one.

What to know before you rent a car?

As you plan for your getaway and renting a car, you must keep a few pointers in your head before proceeding to the actual task. One of the most important things you must know is, always plan your trip. For example, if you wish to take a vacation, sort out everything first, and plan it six to three months ahead.

Secondly, when you reach the destination, avoid renting a car directly from the airport. The reason is that you may have to pay a hefty amount each day for that car. Instead, if you have done your planning well, you must book your car rental before your landing wherever you are going.

Thirdly and lastly, be cost-efficient. With this, we mean that no matter if you’ve booked your car, be vigilant with the upcoming schemes given by these car rental companies to attract customers.

As of now, you have the top three things going on; now let us tell you, what is the best time to book a car at cheaper rates.

If you are wondering how far in advance to rent a car for best price, then the answer to this simple question is; three to six months before. 

We know your eyes would be popped out by now, but read further to know why we are saying what we are saying.

Why book your rent a car three to six months before?

Did you know, the earlier air tickets you book, the better pricing you get. Similarly, the earlier you rent a car, the better pricing you get. When you plan your trip three to six months prior, it will give you a fair amount of time to plan. It means that when you will go on a car rental website, you will find a wide variety of cars to choose from and that too at least rates. This way, not only will you be saving money, but you will also be getting your desired vehicle.

Moreover, this also keeps you safe from unfortunate delays while car renting. Let us say you’ve reached the airport, but you don’t have your car yet. What will you do now? Will you desire to pay double the amount to the airport to rent a car? Or would you wait at the airport and book a car then, after reviewing the best car deals? Both the cases are not practical and are expensive too. If you want to save your bucks, then booking it in advance is the key.

Moreover, we have some extra tips for you to help you get the most benefit from the lowest price.

Hope you get the best out of the article to get the understanding of how far in advance to rent a car for best price? Here are some bonus tips for you. 

Bonus tips to rent a car for the best pricing

First, when you are booking a car, make sure you do not make a pre-payment. Although pre-payment can save you more money, it takes away the leverage of canceling your booking without penalty. However, if you make a booking and pay the amount when you get there, you will be able to cancel the bookings anytime without any penalties. Apart from this, post-payment would allow you to keep looking for the best deals until you sit in your rent a car.

If you are thinking, why would you need to cancel when you are about to take the car, and why would you keep looking for the best deals? Well, the catch here is, if you are going to a place where tourism is not common, then the rental companies bring out the cheapest deals for visiting tourists. Therefore, if you’ve booked and you don’t find any better deal, you will be safe while saving money. However, if you do get a better option, you can cancel your previous booking and take the deal that appeals to you the most.

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