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How do you ship your car across the country

How do you ship your car across the country?

Let’s get to the point as fast as possible, but without leaving out any considerations. And there are a lot of considerations that people forget to take into account.

You have to consider insurance for shipping, the timings the shipping company can guarantee, and the transparency of the terms and conditions set by the company.

The 6 main steps that must not be ignored

Know all your options

Depending on when and where the car has to be transported from and when and where it has to be delivered, your options can vary. Some options might be expensive to you compared to others.

The usual way is for people, who just don’t have the time or are unwilling to drive their cars long distances, just get someone else to transport their cars for them. Yes, it’s cheaper to drive the vehicle from where you are to where you want it to be, because you will be there perhaps for awhile and want to have your car with you. But you can’t do it. so these are the options you have how to move your car to the place that’s maybe completely across the country.

  • You could use a tractor-flatbed trailer to transport your car. That will cost generally less as they charge on the basis of miles driven.
  • Get a driver to get your car where you want it to go.
  • If covered by an extended warranty agreement, you can ask the company to ship the car for you.
  • Hire a towing vehicle that can handle the weight of your car. Make sure it has over a 1000 mileage; this means its engine can tow heavy weights comfortable. Towing is less costly than auto transportation companies. However, it’s risky towing any car for a long time; the car’s transmission components can get damaged, the back axle is prone to getting misaligned. And your car will be exposed to the elements for a longer time period and open to getting into an accident.

Car shipping companies are always better to use when you want your car shipped more than 500 miles away from its departure point.

Compare quotes of shipping companies

The cost shipping a car not only varies from company to company but it also fluctuates; the difference happens very fluidly, depending on the distance, the climate conditions, the terrains through which the transportation is to be done, the condition of the car and what kind of transportation method is to be used by the company. Also is it all going to be done by one type of transporting medium or will there be changes to the way the transportation must take place. For instance, part by a large trailer and part by a small trailer. The quote differences can be very sharp, anywhere from $280 to $1,500. That is why you should check out several companies for such a service.  There is the open transportation method in which the car is perhaps put on a flatbed trailer and transported or the car is put in a container, closed and protected and then transported. According to our estimates, closed transportation would cost you 60% more.

How much do shipping companies take generally? From about $1000 to $1500 depending upon the distance and whether you are asking for an open or closed transportation service.

Picking the right company

Compare all the quotes from different companies not only in terms of their charges but what else will they be providing besides transportation. What other considerations have you got? Is their customer service to your satisfaction and are the shipping and delivery timings right for you?

Some auto transport companies have good quotes for short-distance shipping. While some companies have good deals for long-distance shipping. There are companies that specialize in short or long-distance transportations whereas the cost will depend on whether you want open or close shipping services. Usually, if you are forced to use an auto transporting company that deals only with short shipping services about has agreed to ship your car, they are more likely to charge more as they will have to arrange the transportation especially for you.

Some companies are known for their fast delivery service. Some can do the shipping in just 3 to 4 days across the country while others take 9 to 10 days. Again a company that takes more than 3 days across the country shipping job will charge more for fast delivery, if they can in the first place, do it.

Companies are all different. Some are known for their good customer services. Don’t put up with rough, impolite customer service reps, crude, impatient drivers or long holds on the phones or emails.

Be ready for the pickup of your vehicle

It’s the shipping company that will come to take the vehicle according to where you want it to be picked up. In accordance with the time and place agreed upon, a driver will collect the vehicle and then begin the process of delivering the vehicle to its destiny. However, before you let this happen, first of all, check out this list.

  • Make sure your car is working properly with enough oil fluids. The engine, transmission systems emissions, and other electronic components are all in working order.
  • The gas tank should be half full so that the car weighs less as the transporting truck will be weighing the car and calculations will be made for the charges.
  • Make sure the car is well washed. This way any damage can be easily spotted.
  • All security alarms must be turned off.
  • Do not forget to turn off the car’s toll pass system. If it’s on, you will be charged for tolls.  The shipping company has to pay all tolls.

The insurance issue

Auto transport companies are usually careful with their customers’ vehicles. They do want to stay in business. And the drivers don’t want to wind up in hospitals, perhaps looking at a lawsuit. But still, an accident could occur. So it’s best if you invest in insurance for the shipping period. Shipping companies also have basic insurance for the vehicles getting transported. That will be an added shield against any unforeseen problem that could happen.

Some companies have GPS coverage for tracking online for their shipping. But you can always call up the customer service and enquire about the car.

Inspection of the vehicle on delivery

Inspect the car on delivery. This will ensure that the vehicle is in exactly the same condition as it had left you in. When you have done your inspection, you will have to sign a document called the bill of lading. It was already examined by the company’s reps for damages and you signing the document means you acknowledge that you have received the vehicle in a good condition. Now if there is any damage done by the shipping company, you must not sign it. This way the company can be held responsible to pay for the damages and other complications that could follow the situations. By signing it the company will not be liable for any preexisting damages. You have to sign another part of the document that declares of some damage done by the company. After that actions can be taken by you to make claims legally.

The end of it

That’s it. all formalities are done. Rest assured you have read every important aspect of shipping your car. As always do some more research. We are certain we have covered everything for your convenience.

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