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How do car warranties work What it covers

How do car warranties work? What it covers

In this article, we will define the term ‘warranty’. We will also explain the aspects that a car owner must consider to keep the car warranty safe. Also, in this article, we will tell you how do car warranties work, and what are your rights.

What are car warranties

A warranty is a manufacturer’s solemn promise/guarantee to repair parts of the car – if faults occur in them – for a definite period of time. When the time period has elapsed, the warranty expires. The warranty covers expenses for new parts and labor rendered.

The specifics in most warranties

Generally, a car warranty covers the cost of repair for the following parts.

The period of the coverage and what exactly is covered

The basic coverage agreement

  • The basic coverage time is for 36 months or 36,000 miles
  • Any repairs for defects in material or components of the new vehicle supplied by the automaker that are not subject to exclusion in WHAT IS NOT COVERED list.
  • Bedliners will be repaired or replaced to acceptable normal standards if they are not subject to exclusion in WHAT IS NOT COVERED list

The powertrain coverage agreement

  • The coverage will last for 60 months or 60,000 miles covered
  • Any defect in the material will be repaired
  • The powertrain components are: transmission, engine, transaxle, drivetrain and restrain system. Each of these components have their own list of sub parts
  • Engine: cylinder heads and blocks, including all the internal parts of these two components of the engine, including: oil pan and rocker covers, front cover, the timing chain, the valve train and tensioner, fuel pump, oil pump and water pump

The corrosion coverage (perforation due to corrosion)

Any part of the body sheet or metal panel of the vehicle that is supplied by the manufacturer that has developed perforations (holes made by rusting through) in normal conditions will be covered for 60 months, regardless of mileage, and which is subject to exclusion from the WHAT IS NOT COVERED list.

What is not covered

The general exclusions

The warranty will not cover any damages or corrosions due to:

  • Failure to operate the vehicle according to the automaker’s manual
  • Any misuse of the vehicle other than what it was made for, like using it to tow heavier weightage than specified in the vehicle’s manual, if towing is allowed
  • If a car is damaged because of fire, flood, or theft

You must read the car warranty document in full, to know what coverage is provided. Besides repairs and replacement other extra services are also offered in warranties. Not knowing details will cost the owner in repair and service expenses. This article about “How do car warranties work” is to help you save money and time.

What can make the warranty void

A car warranty usually lasts for three years, or covers 60,000 to 100,000 miles of distance covered.

Listed below are some reasons that can make a car warranty legally null and void.

  • Not getting the car regular maintenance services at specified intervals that are laid out in the warranty. Taking the car to an unauthorized dealer shop for maintenance services. The use of wrong replacement parts or wrong engine oils – other than specified by the warranty – can make the warranty null and void
  • Any unauthorized electrical modifications or any electrical gadgets installed that were bought from aftermarket shops that are not authorized in the warranty service agreement will void the agreement
  • Changing the engine or tuning up the engine in any way will make the warranty void
  • Only the original manufacturer is authorized to fit a CNG kit in the car
  • No modifications can be done on the structure of the car

These are some conditions under which car warranties can become null and void. The manufacturers will be backed by the law.

In the event of testing the warranty

If the car develops a fault during the warranty period, you must: contact the dealership, the auto-maker or importer and just make a request for the repair/replacement you need done that is covered in the warranty.

There are contractual and legal obligations an auto maker must honor. They know the rules, and will comply with your request.


In this article, we have provided you a detailed account on how car warranties work. Being a car owner, you must be aware of the provisions in the car warranty agreement.

We have also provided you the reasons as to how a car warranty may become void. If your car warranty is void, you must consult an authorized car warranty service provider.

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