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Honda expects 70,000 Sales for its Prologue EV by 2024 in the US

Honda expects 70,000 Sales for its Prologue EV by 2024 in the US

Washington, September 20 – Honda Motor Co is aiming to reach an initial gross sales of 70,000 for its electric Prologue sport utility car when it arrives on the market in 2024 – said the company in a statement on Monday.

Moreover, the company aims to add extra e-vehicle fashions as it plans to sell 500,000 electric vehicles in the country (US) by the end of 2030 and achieve fully zero-emission car sales in North America by the year 2040.

The goal has been set as president Joe Biden signed a government order last month to sell almost half of the zero-emission passenger cars.

The Honda Prologue is a combined project of Normal Motors (GM.N) and Honda Motor Co. it is based on a new technology called Ultium, which is simply a modular platform and high capacity battery system. Additionally, GM and Honda are co-developing an e-Acura-brand SUV.

General Motor will assemble the Honda Prologue and the electric Acura SUV. Either of them is expected to be available for sale in 2024.

Honda has not disclosed yet which plant will be manufacturing the cars and also the expected quantity for the Acura.

After the GM-built fashion models, Honda has planned to introduce a series of electrified vehicles through 2030, mainly based on Honda’s developed e-architecture. It is a newly developed Honda EV platform working on electric vehicles that will be assembled in North America.

In a recent statement, the government vice president of American Honda Motor Co, Dave Gardner, revealed that Honda currently plans to focus sales on California and other states, including Florida and Texas.

He told the news outlets that Honda would include a hybrid-electric system in US car models.

Our technique is concentrated on introducing a better proportion of hybrids in core fashions within the close to time, making a dedicated effort to attain greater quantity resulting in the introduction of our Honda Prologue, he stated.

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