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Honda Monkey Is the 2022 version a hit or a miss

Honda Monkey: Is the 2022 version a hit or a miss?

There is something fun and exciting about a compact motorcycle that looks like it has been made real by pulling out of a cartoon. Honda Monkey is exactly that vehicle for you. Honda has continuously worked towards preserving its Monkey throughout the years, and not let its charm fade out. And it’s more than just their humorous taglines (Bananas not included, Swing by on a Monkey, Start Monkeying around) to aid its charm.

This is a Honda monkey review that will help you determine whether it is still a buy or not. Although there are reasons you might specifically love owning a funky and small motorcycle, others may not be huge fans of funky vehicles. This is why this review will be discussing the features that either make it a hit or miss.



Honda elaborates on how the main design of the motorcycle is made to put smiles on faces, they call it the ‘smile per mile’ design. There are some specifics in designing that give it all the adult features despite it being a small motorcycle.

  • The seating position on the vehicle is a super-low 30.5-inch one that is easy to maneuver according to the manufacturers. Motorcycles comparable already have smaller seats, according to that, it is an adequate size to be comfortable enough.
  • The handlebars don’t hold back either, they are proper adult-sized, with a high-rise feature that makes it easy for you to maintain your posture while you drive.
  • The high-aspect-ratio tires that give it the cool edge are great for extra grip on rough surfaces, which gives it a lot of its versatility in riding.
  • The display features are a good mix of retro while giving you the ultimate modern performance of efficiency.
  • The headlight and taillight are LED enabled, illuminating your path as you go.


The new Honda Monkey has a better performance ability than its previous versions due to updates in features. It maintains some features that were preferred by users and updated some that would improve the performance, such as the engine compression ratio, etc.

  • The Monkey engine is enabled with higher compression, 125cc fuel-injected update similar to the Grom 2022. It is reliable with its air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke, in terms of speed and performance, making you more confident in your ride.
  • It has a fuel capacity for a 1.5-gallon tank, giving you plenty of storage and riding options in case of long hours of travel. The vehicle is fuel-efficient compared to other motorcycles.
  • The hydraulic disc brakes on the Honda Monkey enable you full control over your vehicle in case of emergency stops and halts within your journey.


The build, features, and performance of the vehicle are no doubt durable in terms of long-term dependence. Not everyone has the same reason for buying this vehicle, and some of the buyers look for long-term dependency on it for their commute. Therefore, whether it’s for your everyday transportation, or as a side adventure you want to have, it compliments the monotonous conventional ride for every day. Honda is already known for its reliability in terms of quality performance and long-lasting products, and that streak doesn’t miss in this product either.

Functionality – handling + technology

Apart from the vehicle’s primary performance, it has several functions the bike can perform as its added efficient abilities. Some of these enhance the primary functions of the vehicle, giving this 2022 version an upper hand over its predecessors.

  • Apart from the disc brakes, the Monkey ABS is an additional Anti-Lock-Braking System that helps you achieve a very controlled and safe grip on the vehicle. It aims for the same standard of control despite the difference in the surfaces that it drives on.
  • It also features an inverted hydraulic fork front suspension for additional efficiency in performance.
  • The update on the extra-gear five-speed transmission helps you achieve an exceeded speed limit not possible in the previous versions. It combines the sport-bike feature with the conventional one to give you an ideal experience.
  • The twin rear shocks add extra comfort to the ride, complimenting the seat and tires perfectly.


The Honda monkey price is knowingly high and many don’t expect a higher price from a considerably small motorcycle. In comparison, the flashy looks of heavy bikes make it easy for manufacturers to price them comfortably higher. But Honda also holds a considerably good reputation with its product quality, performance, and long-term durability. If the fun design and features are good enough for you, it wouldn’t matter that the price is higher than expected. But it is a con many consider to hold them back from buying.  

  • Urban elegant design

  • Dynamic and updated features
  • Efficient  Anti-Lock Braking System for versatile surfaces
  • Strong and durable build
  • A fun fusion of retro and modern functionality
  • No option for the Nebula red color, previously available in the 2019 version

  • Expensive for a compact style motorcycle
  • Might be too compact/small for some 

These are some highlighted pros and cons of the Honda Monkey that make the product stand out to customers. The new model is due to come out in 2022, and we are still not fully aware of all the features for sure unless we try it out for ourselves. But for an early review, we wanted to let you guys know what to expect and hold your hopes out for. Do give your views on if Honda Monkey is a hit or a miss according to you.

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