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  5. Car flip in Holland Township left 2 children dead and one critical
Car flip in Holland Township left 2 children dead and one critical

Car flip in Holland Township left 2 children dead and one critical

An SUV rollover incident took the life of 2 minors and left one badly injured in Holland Township on Thursday morning.

The accident happened on James Street between 112th and 120th avenues in Holland Township around 11:20 a.m.

Deputies were sent to the location shortly after the SUV rollover incident was reported that came to rest on a pond, according to the Ottawa County Sheriff. The vehicle drowned several feet under the water.

The sheriff’s office added that when they learned there were three children trapped inside the vehicle, the Holland Township Fire Dept. and the deputies went into the water to rescue them.

They were immediately removed from the submerged vehicle and sent to the nearest hospital. However, the 30-year-old driver (supposed to be the mother of the children) managed to bring herself out of the vehicle on her own as she got minor injuries.

“It’s an extremely difficult situation for everyone involved,” sheriff’s office Capt. J. Douglas said. “Our heart goes out to the family. I couldn’t imagine. The first responders are all parents themselves. It’s a tough one. It’s a tough one for everybody.”

On reaching the hospital, two of the children were declared dead while the third was in a critical condition. According to the first investigation report, all three children were in the approved safety seats. However, the reason behind the crash is still under analysis. The children who suffered from the accident are reportedly under 5 years of age.


The eastbound lanes of Holland Township were closed after the incident for two hours.

The investigation team marked the tracks from the lane and grass where the SUV rolled over and bumped into the river near the pond located ahead of several businesses. The police are still investigating the reason while the SUV is under custody.

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