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Have the best Winter car emergency kit

Have the best Winter car emergency kit

In this article, we will provide you detailed information about the best winter car emergency kit available in the marketplace.

The emergency kit specifics

Ideally, an emergency kit should have a water-proof and durable box. The size of the box depends on the number of items you want it to hold. You can carry the box in your car.

Items you can keep in an emergency kit

Try not to put heavy tools in your kit. Following are the essential items that you must have in your emergency kit.

  • First-aid medications, including bandages, adhesive paper tape (at least more than one roll) different types of antiseptic solutions and creams, different tablets that are in common use, and OTC (over-the-counter) pain killers and anti-inflammation syrups/tablets. People who are diabetic should also keep extra medications ready in the kit. For blood pressure-related issues, you must have a sphygmomanometer in your emergency kit
  • Thermometers and other related medical items.
  • Blankets, gloves, overcoats, socks and towels.
  • You can also keep road flares, hand-held flares and rocket flares in your emergency kit
  • Torch, water/wind proof matches, lighters and fire-starting flints
  • A good multi-purpose tool, like a Swiss army knife
  • Bottled water and flask(s) with warm drinks
  • Some dry fruit. Depending on your travelling plan, you can keep other eatable items with you

Larger Items

  • Strong ice scraping equipment and a good snow-brush
  • A windshield cleaner
  • Jumper cables
  • A spade and a pike axe

Your own list

You may have your own winter car emergency kit checklist. You may have to tailor your kit to meet your needs. For example, you might need more pain-killers and water bottles than a spade or flares.

Why have a car emergency kit

There is always a possibility that you may face accidents, car-breakdowns, skidding off the road, or you may get stuck on the road, due to unpredictable weather conditions.

For the cautious person, such kits are very appealing to have. Going on a long drive in winter, you must have insurance coverage against unprecedented problems that you may face on the road.

The best winter emergency kits for cars

There is no single kit that stands out as the best. Some kits may suit you while other kits may not. Listed below are some of the best emergency kits – specially made for winter.

  1. Lifeline AAA 65-Piece Winter Severe Weather Travel Kit.
  2. AutoClubHero Premium Car Emergency Kit
  3. Premium Auto Safety KIT
  4. HAIPHAIK Emergency Roadside Kit


As the saying goes, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Make an emergency kit yourself. You can purchase an emergency kit, and keep all the essential items in it.

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