Harley Davidson extended warranty cost is less than the repair costs

Are you a motorcycle lover? Well, there’s no chance that you haven’t discovered the most reputable motorcycle brand in the world ‘Harley Davidson’. What makes it exclusive?

Several attributes contribute highly to the quality of Harley Davidson. Once you have a motorcycle with you, you can travel with freedom, anywhere and anytime. However, with everyday running, the motorcycle also requires regular check-ups and maintenance.

Instead of paying repair costs from your own pockets, make use of warranties provided by the company. Sometimes, as the warranty period ends for owners, they are worried about future expenses. However, it doesn’t matter whether you own a new Harley Davidson or a used one, you can always opt for an extended service plan.

This article will highlight the perks of the extended warranty plan. Moreover, we will discuss the Harley Davidson extended warranty cost, what it covers, and things that are not included in the package.

Things included in the Harley Davidson extended warranty

Just like every other vehicle, you own; Harley Davidson needs to be taken care of. Everyone who has this motorcycle needs to make sure to keep it in the supreme form.

However, defects in workmanship and material used in the motorcycle lessen the durability and reliability. Moreover, after some time the basic warranty plan also expires. So, how will you cope up with Harley Davidson extended warranty cost?

A brand-new Harley Davidson comes with a warranty of 24-months.

Instead of losing cool after the factory warranty expires, let’s discuss the important factors that are covered in the extended warranty plan.

Additional coverage

Many motorcycle owners are willing to cover long distances on their rides. However, they have to go through certain hurdles and hard patches on their way.

Well, if you opt for an additional surcharge, you should not worry about the tire and wheel. The extended plan makes sure to cover the damage costs for you. Moreover, Harley Davidson is providing its valuable customers with the Stand-Alone and H-D Tire & Wheel Protection. In this, you don’t have to pay a single penny from your pocket for the repair of the tire and wheel.

Your ride might break down in a remote area. What will you do? Well, Harley Davidson is providing you with the repair assistance service anywhere and everywhere. Through this service, you will be guided or towed to the nearest dealership in the vicinity.

Furthermore, the company is covering your expenses in the form of an Expense Reimbursement Package. For example, if your ride breaks down in the middle of nowhere, the company makes sure to provide you up to $750 for the repair cost. They are also covering the meals and the lodge cost for you.

Fender-to-fender coverage

If a professional is not looking after your motorcycle, most likely the repairs would not be done in their finest form. However, Harley Davidson makes sure that trained technicians are looking after your ride and provide you with the best service. Moreover, every repair part is replaced with genuine Harley-Davidson components.

Due to advancements in technology, repair costs for such big names and companies are increasing day by day. People see extended warranty service as a benefit for them. Instead of deepening their pockets at the repair shop, they find it more convenient to purchase an extended warranty plan.

There is no specific mileage cap attached to a Harley Davidson. The manufacturers are providing the motorcycle owners with seven years of coverage. The entire service is covering up to 1,100 components of the bike. If you face any mechanical breakdown or a technical issue in the engine, the company makes sure to look after it.

Moreover, you can prove to be fruitful to the person you’re selling your bike to. For example, if you notice that the extended plan will be ending soon; so, you can transfer the coverage to the new owner for just $25. Isn’t it cool?


Many major companies are not concerned with the tires and wheels of your vehicle. However, that is not the case with Harley Davidson. Whether you own a brand-new motorcycle or a used one, you can benefit from this service.

The surcharge is there for this additional coverage. Moreover, Harley Davidson can only help you if it was a natural fault. If you do it by your own mistake, Harley Davidson is not responsible for it.

No matter in whatever area your motorcycle breaks down, the manufacturers have got your back. Instead of worrying about the possible difficulties, you can directly connect with the roadside assistance of the Harley Davidson. They will guide you through and might tow your bike to the nearest dealership.

Things NOT included in the Harley Davidson extended warranty cost

The coverage for unlimited miles might trigger or provoke you to fall for the extended warranty plan. However, it is important to know the other side of the story as well. Let’s discuss items or things that are excluded from the plan. Before you purchase the extended warranty plan, understand it.

Basic wear items

If regular check-ups or maintenance is not done, the bike might suffer. For example, due to your rough use components of the transmissions are not performing to their best form. So, in this scenario, the company is not liable to cover the repair cost.

Components or parts such as brake pads, chain cover, and even tires are not directly included in the extended warranty plan. If these parts have suffered due to your rough usage, the company or the manufacturers would not cover the cost of it.


Accidents can take place anywhere and anytime; you need to be dead careful about it. If due to your irresponsibility, your motorcycle has been impacted negatively, the company won’t help you in that specific matter.

Moreover, if any environmental or natural disaster takes place, the repair costs again would not be settled by the manufacturers.

Sometimes, people try to act smart in the urgency of saving money. If any component of the motorcycle is affected due to your DIY services, it won’t be included in the extended warranty package.

What are the perks of the Harley Davidson extended warranty?

Whenever you wish to sell off your motorcycle, you can add more value to its original rate. Do you want to know how? Well, you can transfer the remaining time of the extended warranty coverage to the new owner of the bike. This way he/she will benefit from the remainder of coverage and the real value of your motorcycle would increase.

You never want your motorcycle to be destroyed by unprofessional technicians or mechanics. Harley Davidson makes sure to look after your bike with full focus. Instead of having less trained staff, Harley Davidson acquires a bunch of trained professionals to look after your motorcycle.

The seven-year coverage must be sufficient enough to save good amounts for you. Rather than paying out for things from your pocket, let the warranty plan do it for you. Moreover, you can extend to five more years which will include all the services from the previous package.

The major unique selling point for this extended warranty plan is the ‘unlimited miles.’ If you are among those who cover long distances on their motorcycles, this warranty plan is the perfect choice for you.

What are the drawbacks of the Harley Davidson extended warranty?

Everything has its negative side too. There are some points where Harley Davidson is lacking as a service provider and some of the motorcycle owners don’t like it.

For example, the benefit of tires and wheels coverage comes with an extra cost. Moreover, the towing of the vehicle to the nearest dealership is not sufficient enough like other manufacturers in the market. Harley Davidson just guides you the directions in some cases, and you need to manage it on your own.

Some manufacturers offer free service to the motorcycle; however, that is not the case with Harley Davidson. If you are unable to maintain your bike regularly, the extended warranty plan can be nullified.

Harley Davidson’s major unique selling point

One thing which makes this brand unique and different from its competitors is the coverage for unlimited miles.

If you wish to travel to another city or remote places and cover long distances, you can do it on your Harley Davidson. It doesn’t matter if you cover the mileage of 100,000, the company takes the whole responsibility of covering the repair costs.

To avoid paying from your own pockets, this extended warranty plan is the right way to do it.


Various repair costs can prove to be quite costly for you if you own a Harley Davidson. For you to avoid such costs, you should opt for an extended warranty plan.

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