Here are the 3 important signs of low coolant

signs of low coolant

Whether you drive a diesel, hybrid, or a gasoline engine, there are chances of your car creating heat. Just imagine you’re driving on a busy road on Saturday and suddenly there is an increase in the temperature gauge of your vehicle. Well, this is a clear sign of low coolant. On a cold day, you might want to use the … Read more

Here’s why and how hot does a car exhaust get?

How Hot Does a Car Exhaust Get

You might wonder about how hot the various parts of the car could get, and what is the hottest part of the car. The answer is simple: It’s the exhaust. But do you know how hot does a car exhaust gets and why? Let’s find out. Many drivers tend to ignore the fact that their car’s exhaust pipe could get … Read more

Car expert group recommends jeep 4.0 engine best oils

Jeep 4.0 Engine

The Jeep 4.0 engine was launched in 1986 (AMC) when the Jeep brand was still a subsidiary of the American Motor Corporation. It’s regarded among the top off-road engines and has found its way into nearly every Jeep model, such as the Wrangler and Cherokee. Jeep is a tough vehicle that may last a lifetime if properly maintained. For this, … Read more

Ac low side pressure too low: Understand the problem and reasons

Ac low side pressure too low

Just imagine your vehicle’s AC stops working on a humid afternoon? Well, the temperature inside the car would become unbearable and you wouldn’t have any other option but to travel in that hot vehicle. AC transferring the whole pressure on the ‘low’ side while the compressor being too high than usual is not something unusual. Just like other components or … Read more

How long does motor oil last? What is the reality?

how long does motor oil last

Many motor oils producing companies believe that if the oil is unopened, secured in its original container, it can last for several years. However, it has been a major question or concern for many car lovers whether how long does motor oil last? According to specialists, the statement by major companies is too good to be true. Motor oil can … Read more

What are the best-used cars for a college student and how to find them?

best used car for college student

Finding the best-used cars for a college student is no less than a daunting task – one that would require careful analysis of various factors. Students normally don’t have very high budgets, thus they need to find something that checks all the right boxes. Students often look for used cars for a variety of reasons. Some students are just car … Read more

The bumper cover repair cost of your vehicle

bumper cover repair cost

Many auto body shops try to repair the old bumper instead of replacing it, making them more money. The majority of vehicles found on the road have their bumper damaged at least once for primary cosmetic purposes or due to some accident. Whether rear or front bumper, it is considered the most frequently damaged car’s components, according to experts.  Every … Read more