Ford announces a major recall of around 250,000 F-150 Pickup Trucks and Transit Vans

Ford announced two different recalls of approximately 250,000 pickup trucks and transit cargo vans of its various models.

According to the reports, around 184,698 F-150s pickup trucks from models 2021 and 2022 have been recalled as the customers have reported several issues. The automaker has made the decision in light of a damaged driveshaft issue. The recalled vehicles have noise insulators and underbody heat issues that may contact the driveshaft. This contact is likely to damage the driveshaft, causing it to fracture and leading to accidents.

If the driveshaft gets damaged and touches the ground, it can potentially be the reason for losing drive power and vehicle control. Additionally, a fractured driveshaft can also affect the movement of a parked car, if the parking brakes were not engaged. Either way, the situation can bring serious injuries and increase the risk of a crash.

The automaker has planned to mail the at-risk vehicle owners from Jan 31, 2022, asking them to bring their vehicles to the local dealer. Car technicians at the dealership will inspect and find out the level of risks before determining if any repairs or adjustments are necessary or not.

It is announced that the repair and maintenance will be done free of charge. If the vehicles need noise insulators or heater replacements, then vehicle owners can contact the Ford customer service helpline at (866) 436-7332.

Ford-150 Recall 2018

Ford recalls 57,591 F-150 for the model year 2018 due to the issue of power and manual tailgate releases. The tailgate latches of these vehicles unlatch while driving unexpectedly. With this, there is a high risk of content spill out that might damage other vehicles following the truck.

Ford is planning the same for these vehicle owners and will mail them from Jan 31st, so they can take their vehicles to local dealers and have them inspected. Technicians will replace the right and left tailgate latches without charging any fee.

Ford Transit Recall 2020

Around 4,548 transit cargo vans have also been recalled by Ford at this time of the year. They are recalled for the issue of bolts used to hold the rear driveshaft and transfer case. They become loose or damaged and may separate the driveshaft from the transfer case causing unintended driving movements and a loss of drive power.

The vehicle owners will begin receiving letters in their mail from 31st January 2022, so they can take their vehicles to local dealers for the repair and inspection of driveshaft bolts. If needed, the driveshaft hardware, transfer case, and bolts will be replaced free of charge.

Ford customer service can be contacted at (866) 436-7332.

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