Consumer Reports crowns Ford’s Mustang Mach-E in the 2022 ‘Top Picks’, replacing Tesla Model 3

Despite being the consumer’s number one choice amongst Tesla vehicles, Model 3 has been replaced by the new market champion, Ford’s Mustang Mach-E, after saving the top spot after two years and realizing the automaker’s ‘bold bet to lead its transformation into selling more electric vehicles’.

“Ford’s Mustang Mach-E beats Tesla’s Model 3 as Consumer Reports’ top electric vehicle for 2022”, CNBC Tweeted.

The big news is further validation of Ford’s CEO’s belief that when it comes to EV, they cannot just beat Tesla but Elon Musk as well.

In a recent interview, Jake Fisher, automotive testing senior director at  Consumer Reports, said, he got impressed right away when a non-profit group bought Mach-E. “Not only is it a really fun vehicle to drive, it is sporty, but it is also extremely mature,” Fisher to CNBC. “When I say that it rides nice, it is very quiet. I mean it really feels well built.”

The decision to entitle the Ford Mustang Mach-E to ‘Top Pick’ for 2022 came after Consumer Reports collected reliability data for the car’s functionality as well as testings and owner reviews.

“So proud of all the team who have worked on Mustang Mach-E.   What an honor!  Love mine!”  Tweeted, Ted Cannis, Ford Pro CEO.

While Customer Reports is still vouching for Tesla’s Model 3, Fisher is of the opinion that it cannot beat Mach-E in certain areas. For instance, when it comes to alerting the drivers to pay attention to the road and hands-free driving, Mach-E has the edge.

Mustang Mach-E’s BlueCruise system is designed to alert the drivers who fail to stay focused while driving. However, Model 3 does possess the same feature, less effective than Mach-E’s BlueCruise system.

“In our tests we can cover up the camera, we could not look at the road and it really doesn’t give any alerts to the driver to make sure they are looking where they are going,” said Fisher.

According to the recent updates, “Tesla fell seven spots to 23rd place in Consumer Reports ranking of 32 major auto brands. It’s the poorest showing in the seven years Tesla has been included in the “Top Picks” issue”, CNBC revealed.

Apart from raising customer concerns regarding Tesla’s Autopilot system, Consumer Reports does not approve of the company’s decision to introduce a steering yoke, removing the traditional steering wheel in Model X and Model S.

Fisher said, “using the yoke is frustrating. “It is not just about making it harder to turn the wheel, but they also got rid of the turn signal stalk”.

“The quality of the “Top Picks” for 2022 are better than ever, with the brands once again dominated by Japanese automakers”, he added.

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