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Ford will stop accepting any new retail orders for the 2022 model year for Ford Maverick this Thursday

Ford will stop accepting any new retail orders for the 2022 model year for Ford Maverick this Thursday

An email from the Ford Company’s official Michael Levine reveals that Ford will suspend taking orders for its Ford Maverick 2022 model pickup trucks after Thursday. If you haven’t pre-booked your Ford Maverick until now, then you have to wait till the next bank opens for the 2023 Ford Maverick model. Plus, the automobile company does not know when will the Ford Maverick be available for the next year as the increasing numbers of the current orders have not been met yet.

Ford No Longer Taking Orders for 2022 Ford Maverick – Only 2 ways to get NOW!!!

The suspension, however, will only be applied to the retail orders, while the government and businesses fleet will be able to place orders even after Thursday. Until now Ford did not disclose the number of orders, they have received for the Ford Maverick which made them halt the retail orders.

There may be the same essential parts issue that automakers around the country have been facing that particularly include chips and computers. However, the update that Ford will only be taking orders from the business fleet shows that Ford doesn’t cite any production issue with Maverick though.

According to Brian Moody, Executive Editor at autotrader.com, the suspension may be the result of multiple factors.

“I wonder if it’s not a little bit more popular than they expected combined with continuing supply change issues,” he said.

It was fall when the Maverick first made its debut after the third line-up in the Ford pickup trucks after midsize Ranger and F-150. It’s been a decade since Ford hadn’t launched the lineup for compact trucks when Ranger came out from production in 2012 due to the less demand in the small trucks.

When does the Ford Maverick hybrid come out?

\When the Ford Maverick went on sale last August, Ford announced that they already had received 100,000 orders for the Maverick. But if the sale is compared to any other F-series truck sold in America, it would be a much lesser count. This is because the F-series pickup trucks are the best-selling pickup trucks of any kind.

In December 2021, for example, Ford sold over 62,400 F-series trucks compared to Maverick sales which was only 6000. Ford has sold the Maverick above 13,000 since its first launch in October. This can be due to the fact that F-series trucks are produced at four Ford factories while the Maverick is only produced at one.

One of the best things about Maverick is that it is available in both hybrid and non-hybrid styles. Contrary to people’s belief, the hybrid version of the Ford Maverick is less expensive with a price tag of around $20,000. This is unusual because the hybrid version of vehicles uses high powered batteries and the gas engine normally costs more.

An analyst from the automotive website Edmunds.com. Ivan Drury said that the price of the Ford Maverick may be the one reason for attraction. The average selling price of Maverick is $28,600 compared to any other pickup truck which is $46,000.

“This thing is turning over as fast as any vehicle in the industry,” he said.

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