Ford Explorer remains cop’s favorite as it is the fastest Police car sold today

Michigan police preliminary test has been taken this September, revealing that the Ford Explorer Ecoboost Interceptor Utility can accelerate 60mph in just around 5.5 seconds.

A Toyota Camry accelerates with 301hp V-6 and a Wrangler with 470hp Jeep on 35” mud-terrain tires accelerates up to 60 mph at a much less time than a Ford Mustang Mach 1. But what’s the police’s favorite of all time?

However, the law enforcement officers seek the dynamics of the vehicle more than the specs or just the response. Vehicle needs to meet certain requirements when it comes to being selected for what they called ‘purchasing specs’.

A Police vehicle testing gateway Grattan Raceway located in Southwestern Michigan revealed the testing done for Michigan State Police (MSV).

MSV published the results of the Police cars and vehicles they selected for the testing which includes 11 vehicles and 4 motorcycles. They were tested for the speed, distance to the top, acceleration, lap times that are subjected to measure the performance comparison to help the county, public, and other Police departments.

The 2022 results revealed that the Ford Explorer Police car with its 400hp twin-turbo engine and 3.0-liter V-6 rests at the quickest possible police car for the day.

The MSP results for the Ford Police Interceptor Utility say that the Police car gets 100 mph in 13.5 and 60mph in under 5.5 seconds. The top speed of 148 miles (which is the highest of all the tested vehicles) can be attained in 1.6 miles.

As the manufacturers of the vehicles are focused on producing more power pack vehicles, the MSP also is expecting to get even higher specs in the coming years and much to reveal from the tests.

For now, more data will be released by the MSP later this month which will reveal the results of the other vehicles like motorcycles and cars.

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