Flying Cars arriving in 2024? Cities are concerned about the New Air Traffic Rules

The futuristic car is arriving soon!

Flying cars for commercial use is likely to be available by the year 2024, however, with such technology, there are increased concerns regarding the management of the new kind of air traffic that the world will be facing – says a tech firm’s chief Exec. Officer.

 Hugh Martin, Chairman, and CEO of Lacuna Technologies (an organization that works to develop transportation-related policies, said there is a contrast between when cars can glide and when they will be reliable and safe to steer through the skies.

He said to CNBC on Sept 21, Tuesday,Depending on who you talk to, I think [2024] could be a time period,

Automotive companies, including Fiat Chrysler and Xpeng (Chinese EV maker), have been working on developing aerial cars.

He further pointed out that flying cars will not be affordable in the initial years. Few people will be able to afford it. The rest will continue traveling through roads in their electric or self-driving cars.

Regular cars can be less risky as they don’t have to lift off the ground. They provide more room for accommodation – he said.

Where I think they do have … an application though, is carrying the freight and packages,

 “I think that’s going to be a very big deal. – said Martin

Traffic Rules

As per Martin’s statement, cities are gettingincreasingly concerned about future air traffic rules.

The new rules for air traffic will involve the destinations where the flying cars will be permitted to fly to, what time they can travel, and at which hours of the day they can fly. Also, a safe distance rule will be implemented that determines how much distance the cars should maintain from each other.

Martin said, “That’s going to take a long time to get figured out,

In the United States, NASA and (FAA) Federal Aviation Administration are trying to figure out the future air traffic rules as they fly drones and send air taxis for air traffic information.

He added to his statement, Instead of having one airport per major city, you’ve … now got thousands of airports scattered around the city,

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