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First month Free Car Insurance – get to know more about it

First month Free Car Insurance – get to know more about it

What is the first-month free car insurance?

Have you just bought your new car? Is your current auto insurance policy is about to expire? Whatever the case is, you need a new auto insurance policy. Well, if you are already shopping for the policy, why not look for something that would not put a strain on your pocket, something that is affordable.

It is here when free first-month car insurance becomes an ideal offer. If you are thinking about whether that is true or not, then you are in for a surprise.

A first-month free auto insurance policy allows you to secure your desired coverage plan without paying the down payment in the first month. The payment for your acquired policy will start from the second month. Doesn’t it sound like a perfect offer? If it does to you, then don’t wait to avail it.

Who gives a first free month auto insurance policy offer?

There are many insurance companies, who use this age-old tactic to attract new customers and retain old ones. By giving this hard to refuse offer, they charge the same amount that you would have paid otherwise. All they do is, divide your first month’s payment into eleven sections and then adding that amount into your actual premium costs each month. Moreover, some companies offer two months free offer as well.

For example, if your policy is about $1,200. The insurance company would give you the first month free to attract you. Moreover, if the company wants to make a very attractive offer, then it can offer the first two-month coverage without paying anything. However, once after your one-month or two-month offer end, you will be paying $110 each month if it was one month off offer, instead of paying $100. Similarly, if it was two-month free offer, you would end up paying $120 instead of your regular installment.

Is there any difference between the first month of free auto insurance and regular car insurance?

Both insurance plans are the same. First, free month car insurance is the same as the regular one. The only difference is that you have to pay a down payment to start your insurance in a regular policy, and in this free first-month policy, you start paying from the second month.

Apart from this, nothing is different. You would get as much coverage as any regular car insurance seeker would get. Moreover, if you are worried about payments being higher in the next months, then know that the premiums don’t rise. It is just that, you are paying the amount of your first month into your payment months simultaneously.

Who must grab an opportunity for the first-month free offer?

In our opinion, everyone must grab this offer as there is no particular criteria for this. It is a sales offer, as stated above. If you want it, get it. However, if you are a new car owner and are not that well financially, then you must consider finding a suitable option that gives you an offer like this.

The main reason for that is, if you have bought a new car, you wouldn’t have just paid for the down payment, but there would be many other expenses as well, for example, sales tax, registration fee, etc. You would hardly have cash on your hands. It is why an offer like this would seem perfect. Although you won’t be saving much, you would be able to divide the amount of the first month into a more affordable amount.

Moreover, if you have a tight budget for the following month, yet you need to be insured as soon as possible, then look out for these offers. This way, not only you would be able to spend the month with ease, but you will also be insured.

Check for hidden costs and avail discounts

Many companies give these kinds of offers to attract customers and later reveal a list of hidden charges that costs much more than buying a regular insurance policy. That’s why you must be vigilant and not give away to these schemes.

Moreover, be sure to get discounts. This will further lower the costs for you. You can avail 2% discount immediately if you pay the whole amount of the policy in advance. Only go for it if you can afford it. Otherwise, check for other available discounts, for example, good driver discount, senior citizen discount, good student discount, etc.

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