The first releasing Tesla Cybertruck will feature a 4-motor variant for each wheel, says the Tesla CEO

Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk reveals plans for the four motor Tesla Cybertruck version, which will be released first and be the next best version to date, said Musk on Friday.

Initially, when the plan for the Cybertruck was introduced in 2019, it featured a three-motor version. However, recently, Musk addressed a query on Twitter, saying, “initial production will be a four-motor version with independent ultra-fast response torque control of each wheel.”

That being said, the production-bound vehicle’s details are yet to be fully revealed as rumors have it that its initial 2019 concept (meant to be top-shelf) has been pushed aside to change it into something new and outstanding.

In response to another comment on the same thread, Elon Musk said, the upcoming Tesla Cybertruck will feature “both front and rear-wheel steer” that will allow it to move within its length like “a tank or drive diagonally like a crab.”

The features to be added in the Tesla Cybertruck seem familiar to other electric trucks. For instance, GMC has announced a  Crab Mode for its  Hummer Electric vehicle that enables it to drive sideways, while Rivian has shown off a Tank Turn Mode for its World’s fast EV R1T.

Tesla has not been much open about its Cybertruck, not even after Elon Musk suggested that the production model might differ in size from the proposed model launched in 2019. However, it will be sized somewhat like a full-sized pickup truck for sure.

Even though the vehicle has not arrived and will not likely come before the GMC’s Hummer deliveries, it has already been brought down by R1T.

In September, Tesla Cybertruck manufacturing had been postponed as per the company’s statement. Though, the CEO has promised a “product roadmap update” in a Twitter thread which is expected during Tesla’s next earnings call.

Regardless of the public’s interest in receiving clarification on the specs of the new vehicle, Tesla refuses to respond to any request for comments. Apart from the four motor updates, the company has not revealed anything on the single and dual motor version, which was to launch first as per the initial plan.

Meanwhile, those who had made reservations for the Cybertruck can upgrade to the four-motor model said Musk. The Cybertruck was meant to start its production process by the end of the year at the automaker’s new factory located in Austin, Texas

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