Elon Musk is all set to update about future Tesla products on Wednesday

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla decided to update on Wednesday about its new vehicles ready to hit the roads with all the spike.

As always it is hard to speak and predict about the update as Elon Musk has always been uncertain about his brand. But this time he’ll likely speak about the same Tesla vehicle that had been in development but hasn’t come out from the development phase since long. 

After waiting a long time to hear about these vehicles, investors, Tesla fans, and experts are looking forward to hearing about the long-awaited vehicles, which include the Semi-trucks, Cybertruck pickup truck, and the Roadster supercar as they are expected to roll out the assembly line.

Wall Street researchers are expecting to learn about the record revenue and profit that Tesla generated in the fourth quarter of 2021 which caps off Tesla’s biggest year’s earnings.

Have a look at what to expect from Musk’s next week’s earnings call and what should we expect from Tesla;

Wall Street Expertsthe Bloomberg polled analysts that reveals that the company will post its quarterly revenues of $2.30 on each share on the total revenue of $16.6 billion. This is undoubtedly the biggest jump from the previous quarter’s revenues which was $1.86 on each share with a total of $13.8 billion.


Tesla announced in early January that the manufacturing of CyberTruck will begin by the end of 2022 and will start mass production in 2023. The CyberTruck came into the market in 2019 for the first time, and Musk announced that it would begin producing the vehicle in 2021. It was part of the Musk announcements he used to make about the Cybertruck.

Tesla’s website has recently edited the information on CyberTruck models and pricing. Following the tweets from Musk that the trucks will be shipped with four motors. Tesla fans still are unsure what to expect from the new cost and options for the pickup truck. What is in the news is that Tesla will build its pickups in one of its plants near Austin.


Tesla made its debut in the vehicle market with the Roadster in 2008. Roadster is a sports car that was sold at $100,000 initially.  The next generation of Roadster was supposed to be shipped in 2020, which was unveiled in 2017 as the quickest car in the world. With this, the buyers who have reserved the EV by paying from $50,000 to $250,000 now have to wait for more.


Tesla debuted with Semi when they revealed the Roadster as a bonus in the heavy-duty truck range. The automaker has not begun the production of the Semi yet. 

In October, Musk said that people will see the production of the Semi in 2023. Tesla has also revealed that they would need to escalate the battery supplies before they can start Semi production.

What else to expect?

Tesla intends to build these three models by the start of 2023, but there may be some more on the way. It is expected that Musk is thinking of launching a cheaper vehicle of $25,000 with another van useful for urban transit.

Tesla’s new auto plants are still underway in Austin, Texas, and Germany after a new one that was launched on New Year’s Eve in Shanghai

It is also expected that Tesla is going to pump out cars with a touch of solar panels for energy storage. Experts are also expecting to have a curveball from Tesla.

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