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Electric Car Maintenance Issues and its Costing

Electric Car Maintenance Issues and its Costing

What are Electric Cars and how are they different?

As the name itself already suggests, electric cars run at least to some extent, on electricity. The difference between a regular car and this one, is that the former runs on gasoline or a diesel-powered engine. The latter requires electricity that it receives from fuel cells and batteries.

Since these cars do not use fuel, they are considered to be an environmental-friendly option. If you want to make sure your electric car produces no harmful emissions at all, you can charge your vehicle with renewable electricity. Solar and wind power are common renewable energy sources that make sure your EVs (Electric Cars) are absolutely safe for the environment.

Benefits of Electric Cars

Many would assume that owning an electric car means getting into something complex. The reality is quite the contrary. An electric car comes with its ease of maintenance and lower-cost services, depending on what model you own. Check out our list of benefits below to find out why buying an electric car could be a great choice for you (and the environment):

1. Environmental Friendly

These cars run on electricity and recharging. There is no burning of fuel required to push this car. This means that there are lesser or, in some cases, no harmful gas emissions that could harm our environment. For environmentally responsible citizens, this car is a sustainable choice.

2. Cost-Effective

Electric cars enjoy low-cost recharging, which works approximately three times as much per kilometer, as petrol. Who doesn’t want to save up on high petrol costs?

3. Low-Cost Maintenance

Car maintenance routines can be heavy on the pockets and time-consuming. With these cars, you can be assured that you will not have to regularly service your electric vehicle because of its fewer moving parts. If you are worried about having to replace batteries often, know that EV manufacturers warranty car batteries for a good eight years.

4. Quick and Easy Recharging

Who could have imagined that there would come a time when we could charge cars? But it’s true, recharging your electric car is as simple as charging your phone. All you need is a convenient little charging unit that is suitable for various weather conditions. This charging unit can be kept outside your home. Interestingly, the government of the UK offers a £350 grant to help buyers cover their installation costs.

With an at-home charging unit, the electric car can simply be put on charge by plugging in the charger. In 8-12 hours, your car will be fully prepared to take you to your destination.  If you’re worried about your car’s battery dying while you’re on the road, know that there are now abundant electric car charging units installed around cities. These will be your heroes when you need to charge your car if you’re away from home.

5. Peaceful Drive

Electric cars are way more peaceful and quite than typical cars. As a recent switcher to electric, this might be the first thing that you will notice on your very first drive.

Do Electric Cars need maintenance?

The answer to this question is quite simple, yes! Now we would like to ask you a question, why won’t an electric car need maintenance? Any and every machine needs care and looking after. Without regular checks on your machines, devices, and gadgets, there will be no assurance for their longevity. In the case of an electric car, however, you will be pleased to know that the plus point of owning this car is the simplicity with which you can maintain it.

Electric cars are built with different technology from regular cars. This means that the way they are maintained is not the same as maintaining a regular car that runs on diesel. Their unique electrical structures will not oblige you to consistently checkup on them. This system includes a battery, a motor that runs on electricity, and other electronic components. One of the most prominent specialties of electric cars is their exceptional brake system. This break system is a regenerative one and so has a longer life than that of any other traditional car.

The benefit of having a green car is its less demanding maintenance routine. This type of car does not need as many fluid changes as a traditional car. The regenerative braking, as well as lesser moving parts, do not require consistent checkups and you will not be burdened with the tiresome maintenance routine.

Things to look out for in your EV

Aside from all the benefits, there are some things that you need to take care of in your electric cars, like their tires. Like any other car, you will have to pay attention to your car’s tire conditions. Since electric cars have a heavy battery installed, there is extra weight on the wheels while driving. This additional force could result in excessive changing of the tires, countering the environmental friendly attribute of these cars due to increased waste.

Electric cars are known to use the regenerative braking system instead of the usual mechanical brakes. The brake discs and the pads in the car are compressed from the hydraulic fluid. This fluid might sound harmless, but it is a hygroscopic fluid, which means that it will suck moisture from the air, corroding the car’s break system. This can be avoided if you frequently flush out this fluid.

Just because you have an electric car, does not mean that the battery care will be less important. To make sure your battery is healthy, treat it like you would a normal car’s battery. This means that you will have to look out for temperature in its surroundings; the battery must not be kept in extremely hot nor freezing environments. Either of those can seriously damage your battery and in turn, your car’s performance. This might end up costing you a lot.


Whether you have an electric car or a regular one, it is up to you how well you keep it. As a car owner, it is essential that you are fully aware how your car functions. If you are someone looking for ways to reduce the negative impact on the environment, to play your part in decreasing harmful emissions into our atmosphere, then a green car will help you achieve this.

Aside from just being environmentally friendly, these cars are the perfect investments that do not break your bank when it comes to maintenance and fuel costs.

Before you do consider this car though, make sure you know about limitations that come with it. Don’t forget that you still need to take care of its battery and look out for the tire conditions. Regularly flushing out fluids will also help you in keeping corrosion of your break system at bay.

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