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The 2020 Ecoboost Mustang review: Top-notch performance package for all car enthusiasts

With a need for bringing design evolution and hoisting a knack for efficient production, the Ford Mustang has established itself as one of the most renowned names in the market. Ever since its first launch in 1964, the company has continued to produce some of the best pieces in the automotive industry.

From then till now, Ford has continued to build upon its versatile lineup by offering cars that emanate a contemporary vibe. One such example is the Ecoboost Mustang of 2020, which has been packed with the best technology.

Offering the best of everything together, this car can prove to be a great choice. Sure, like every other car, the 2020 Ecoboost Mustang also has a few of its flaws. However, car lovers at heart can ignore these shortcomings and focus on the bigger picture. Thus, if you wish to learn more about the new car and its distinct features, continue reading below:

An overview

  • What’s New?                  
  • The Exterior                                                                                        
  • The Interior                                                                                                         
  • The Infotainment System                                                             
  • The Safety Features                                                                           
  • The Overall Performance                                                               
  • The Fuel Economy                                                                          
  • The Mustang Ecoboost Performance Package                                      
  • The Competitors                                                                            
  • In Perspective: The Ecoboost Mustang of 2020          

What’s new?

In a few ways, the Ecoboost Mustang of 2020 is similar to the previous model. With a solid rear-wheel drive and an available 5-liter V8, turbocharged four-cylinder engine, which can produce 310 horsepower beneath the hood. The car is much faster, efficient, and unique.

The company has also added the Mustang Ecoboost Performance Package to this year’s model. This new edition brings out a much more powerful engine that offers 332 hp for users. Another new aspect for this year’s model is the Handling Package which provides drivers with a phenomenal MagneRide suspension, upgraded sway bars, and Pirelli tires.

As far as the inside of the car is concerned, there is little to no change. The new aspects of the Mustang include a stylish retro design along with the newest technology alternatives; an infotainment system and cruise control. But there are a few obvious downsides to the interior that include limited rear-seat space and an average ride when selecting the high-performance suspension.

To give you a better understanding of the car, we have prepared a comprehensive Ford Mustang Ecoboost review. However, just to summarize, here are the key features of the 2020 Ecoboost Mustang:

  • FordPass Connect has become a standard feature
  • Enhanced engine output with a premium Performance Package
  • Special four Cylinder Mustang

The exterior

If you haven’t already guessed, the Mustang gives off the vibe of an exceptionally stylish car. With the right curves and perfect body, the exterior is a whole treat in itself. For those of you who are true car fanatics, you’d learn the meaning of happiness by just looking at the car.

The Ecoboost Mustang convertible stands out from the rest and looks a class apart due to obvious reasons. A combination of the black grille with tri-bar and iconic taillights is a significant addition to the car’s beauty. And with the black front and solid gray stripes on the hood, the Mustang is the quintessential beauty.

Another plus point of the 2020 Ecoboost Mustang is the diverse range of colors it offers to users. The company has undertaken a crucial step towards reforming the cosmetic outlook of the car. This is great news for those who prefer buying cars that have not-so-traditional paint. So, if you’re interested in buying this car, there are a range of colors available for your liking: Red, lime, orange, and silver- you name it and the company has it!

The interior

In comparison, the interior doesn’t live up to the lavish exterior of the Mustang convertible.  Sure, the car sports a considerably charming place, but it is not even close to what the outside of the car looks like. Well built and infused with high-quality leather, the design of the car is uprated enough to give tough competition to other companies of the category.

Additionally, the HPP also adds a few new styling aspects, such as the notable “engine spun” aluminum trim and a high-performance 2.3L badge attached to the dashboard. To inculcate the sporty feeling, the car has an oil pressure mounted in the middle, along with turbo boost gauges.

The seats of the Ecoboost Mustang HPP are extremely comfortable and have the help of side bolsters that provide substantial support to passengers during bumpy rides. Due credit has to be given to the company for crafting the seats with a light-colored fabric that stays cool in the summer or when the top remains open.

As for the rear seats, passengers can easily jump into the car as the convertible can be opened with ease. The seats at the back are undoubtedly comfortable but offer little leg space. Hence, these seats are better suited for children.

All in all, the interior of this car is well made. You may notice a few tough plastic pieces here and there, but the classiness and vibe will cover up for the minute drawbacks.

The infotainment system

With such a great interior design, it would be a crime to come without a fully furnished infotainment system. Fortunately enough, a company like Ford has considered these points and equipped the car with a high-tech infotainment system.

The Ecoboost Mustang of 2020 brings a six-speaker audio system that offers the standard SYNC connectivity for users. Ultimately, drivers can click on buttons or make use of voice commands to make phone calls. Additionally, these can also be used for entertainment purposes, such as listening to the latest music and selecting mobile apps.

The car also has a FordPass Connect that offers users an experience of another kind altogether. You can not only determine your fuel level but also unlock your car remotely. And those of you who wish to take infotainment up a notch, upgrade to the SYNC 3 system that provides a touch screen, Android Auto, and Apple Carplay to your stylish car.

The safety features

There is a common misconception about the safety of sports cars. Most people have claimed that a convertible or any other kind of sports car is hazardous. However, what they don’t realize is that these companies have been in business for decades and are thus well versed in the field.

Given this information, Ford has always strived to design its cars with the addition of sufficient safety features. For starters, there is a basic three-point safety belt attached to all seating positions of the car. The Mustang Ecoboost also has a detailed airbag collection that includes side-curtain airbags and a driver’s knee bag. In addition, there are a few other key features that have been highlighted in individual detail down below:

  • Advance trac with electronic stability control: A well-integrated safety system that enhances traction, stopping power, and stability to help people drive in the toughest of road conditions.
  • Emergency sos post- crash alert system: This is a standard system equipped in Ford cars and it is mainly designed to garner attention to the vehicle after an accident. The attention-grabbing can be in the form of incessant headlight flashing or constant

Other optional safety features of the car include a pre-collision aid, cruise control, automated emergency braking, automatic high beams, and a defined lane-keeping system.

The overall performance

The 2020 model has more popularly come to be known as the four-cylinder Mustang. By offering a 330 horsepower, rear-wheel drive, and a manual gearbox, the car makes it much easier for drivers to breeze through roads.

Even the clutch is much lighter, thus making the shift much smoother than before. Resultantly, the acceleration is significantly stronger and up to the mark when changing gears. The car’s steering also helps make a fun driving experience.

The steering is strong and precise, giving drivers the chance to drive with ease even when the road becomes difficult to navigate. And it is all because of the quality brakes, easy handling, and the capability of accelerating faster out of turns.

Most people have commended the car for being a great mix of sporty and modern. While it tends to be looked at as a highway cruiser, it won’t feel too stiff or complicated upon sitting. Plus, contrary to popular belief, carrying out full-blown conversations is easy, despite the open windows.

The fuel economy

The 2020 Ford Ecoboost has a great advantage over the v8: a better fuel economy. Official ratings put this model as a 19mpg city/ 26 mpg hwy/ 22 mpg combined. The statistics may be a little lower for the convertible in particular, but overall, the car has a decent fuel economy system. According to The Car Connection, the Ecoboost Mustang scores a 5 based on efficiency.

The mustang ecoboost performance package

This feature is particularly touted by the company on all mediums.  In essence, the High-Performance Package is a great new addition and brings a lot more than just a high-powered engine. Apart from a stronger and well-performing engine, the Mustang is also equipped with a variety of different performance parts, such as the performance exhaust, massive rear sway bar, bigger brakes, and a much larger radiator.

The competitors

The new Ecoboost Mustang may be a great production, but it is likely to have several competitors in the already dominated automobile market. As far as this model is concerned, there are a few main opposers that can be considered:

In perspective: The ecoboost mustang

In essence, the 2020 Ford Mustang Ecoboost review was only designed to give you a better insight into the real features of the car. The car is stylish from the outside and brings an extended list of capabilities with itself. By combining a mix of comfort, class, and technology, Ford has brought a car that is superior to others in the market.

Car fanatics who are reading this review; this may just be your true calling to buy it!

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