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Easy care warranty for cars - The most caring coverage you can get

Easy care warranty for cars – The most caring coverage you can get

Why you need this warranty

Let us guide you towards getting an easy-care car warranty. Why would it be worthwhile? We believe having this warranty will be very beneficial for you. We will point out the reasons why you would like to have this car warranty. Having any kind of car warranty is usually good because it saves you money. It takes care of sudden unexpected large expenses, and it deals with the inconvenience of suddenly having no car when you desperately need a vehicle for mobility. We are dealing with a car warranty worth having, only if you have already decided to get a car warranty. Car warranties are not a must-have, but if you fear and want protection then you can always get a warranty. Only you can decide whether you need one or not. If you have decided to have one, then we are here to tell you why to go for an easy-care car warranty.

What makes this warranty stand out

All car companies will give you their car warranties that will last for a specific time limit. That’s good. But usually, the car is actually in good shape; the engine, transmission, and other vital components of the car are brand new and will do quite well for several years. Most warranties cover three years. Well, if the car has been maintained and carefully driven by you, you would have no problems. Just around the time when a car might start showing problems the manufacturer’s warranty may expire. On average, cars are very good for about 5 years, and they have a service life of about 12 years. But before reaching those later years many cars start having problems. Though, it did guarantee that the car would have no major issues for 3 years, provided you maintain the car. Understand this, with all warranties you have to fulfill some terms and conditions for a warranty to be honored. Your three-year warranty has expired. Do you need a warranty now? Knowing the car is not brand new anymore and can have some major problems with the engine, transmission, or some other major area. A car breakdown can happen at any time or anywhere. Do you want another warranty? Check out the reasons to be covered again by easy care car warranty;

Select the kind of warranty you want to be covered by

This company has an array of warranties. Check them all out. Take your time. Decide which one will be ideal for you. Make some changes wherever you want. Get the coverage you want. You can be covered by four major car warranty plans and more. Make a selection. Or decide about mixing soe features of the different warranty plans.

You get to choose where the car is to be repaired.

You can take your car to any mechanic shop that is licensed to do car repair jobs. The warranty lets you take the car to a mechanic shop you think is the best, for any repairs that have to be done with brand new parts. Many companies get their mechanics to use old reconditioned parts to get the repairs completed.

Transportation support

In the event your car breaks down, this car warranty will make sure you have for you ease some form of transportation help, either by a car-sharing service or rental car service that’s free of cost. Most warranties do not cover this crucial area of inconvenience.

Renew or extend the warranty

One unique feature in this warranty is it can be renewed or extended before its expiration date. It ensures that you have your vehicle covered all the time, and there will be support when you need it the most. This particular feature is not given by other car warranty companies.

The transfer of the warranty

This warranty can be transferred to anyone buying the car from you. Just having a warranty for the car makes it appealing to a buyer, and transferability makes it even more desired. Having an easy care warranty helps to sell your car easily. You will be cashing-in on your investment with this warranty if you sell your car.

The perks of this warranty

  • All warranties assure 24/7, road assistance. It includes services for towing your vehicle, providing gas or charging up your battery, or replacing the battery if need be.
  • All warranties reimburse you with $30 coverage for car rental till your car is getting repaired.
  • You will get Travel disturbance support of $300 if you are more than fifty miles away from your home.
  • Any problems with the wheels or tires of the car will be fixed or replaced on the spot but under specified conditions.
  • You will be reimbursed $100 for getting the car towed to a repair shop. The reimbursement will cover one hundred dollars of expense.

These perks come with any warranty chosen by a customer and are one of the most outstanding features of an easy-care warranty. This warranty will also protect your car from wear and tear costs that may happen due to everyday usage. It includes items inside the cabin of the car as well as the outside parts of the car. For example, the paint getting scratched or scraped off or the antenna getting bent or broken. All details are spelled out in the warranty.

Cost of an easy-care warranty.

Which coverage plan do you want? How much coverage do you want? Is the car new or old? All these factors and more than these will determine how much will an easy-care warranty cost you. It is said that warranties can range anywhere from $500 to about $2000. Depending on how much service and assistance you demand. Although it is expensive, it depends on what services you are expecting if your car suddenly breaks down. The parts of a car you want to be covered, the services provided to a customer when the customer’s car breaks down, etc. How many times a month do you expect to be protected? Take all these details into consideration, and you can get an idea of how much a monthly payment for an easy-care warranty will cost you.

Cancellation of an easy-care warranty

So you have decided, for some reason or the other, you don’t want the warranty anymore. You cannot afford it. Or you will be buying another car and don’t want to bother about the old car anymore. Whatever the reason is, it’s as simple as making a phone call to get your warranty canceled. Just get in touch with the dealer from whom you bought the easy-care warranty or call the easy-care provider directly and request for cancellation of your warranty plan. However, it might take about five days for the cancellation process to be completed.

Our conclusion

If you want a warranty, then an easy-care warranty is the one to go for. Its perks and other outstanding features separate it from the pack of warranty providers. Its coverage plans and customization flexibilities are comprehensive. The manufacturer’s warranty has expired, and now you are going to get an easy-care warranty, be ready to be completely satisfied. Our best wishes are with you.

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