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Does window tint goes on the inside or outside

Does window tint goes on the inside or outside?

Window tinting can be defined as a process in which a thin layer of laminate film is applied to the glass of your car to darken it. Tinting your windows depends upon your needs and preferences. It may include security, protection from harmful rays of the sun, etc. No doubt, the harmful UV rays can affect your skin and can also cause skin cancer.

After knowing about a window tint, you must be wondering does window tint go on the inside or outside. Let us tell you that a window tint is applied on the inside of your window. Now, you must be curious to know about the reasons behind applying this tint inside. To know this, you need to review this guide completely to apply the tint inside your car’s window.

Importance of a Window Tint

Now, let us discuss the importance of a window tint for your car. Let’s discuss the reason why does window tints go inside or outside. The reason behind the application of a window tint is to provide you safety as window tinting helps in holding the broken glass together and makes it stronger than before.

It helps you to be safe from being injured if you meet an accident. Moreover, window tinting also protects you from the harmful rays of the sun that can damage your skin easily. The amount of heat can also be reduced in your car if window tint is applied properly on your car windows.

The interior of your car is also protected from getting faded if you apply the tint inside your window. It is because the ultraviolet rays are prevented to enter your car and affect its interior. You can also be protected from the headlights of other cars at night with the help of window tinting.

When we talk about protection, window tinting is helpful to protect you from thieves also. It is because the people outside the car cannot see who is inside the car and what is happening inside it. Moreover, you can make your car stylish and modern by applying quality tint to your car’s window.

Does Window Tint Go on the Inside or Outside?

Do you want to know where does tint goes on the inside or outside? Let us tell you about it in this section. A window tint is mostly installed inside your car’s windows. But it depends upon your preferences whether you want to install it inside or outside of your car windows. When it comes to the suggestion or recommendation of an expert, you should get it installed inside your car.

When you are done deciding the location for the window tint, you should make sure that the film to be applied is free of dust. It is recommended to apply the film when the temperature is between 4.4oC and 36.7oC. Plus, you should make sure that the window is clean before applying the window tint on it.

Things To Avoid After Window TintingThere are several things that you need to avoid after applying a window tint. Some of these things have been mentioned below:

1. Avoid Washing Car For Few Days

It would be best if you do not wash your car for a few days after applying window tint to it. There is no guarantee of the tint if you keep washing your car after the installation of the window tint. No doubt, you will notice that there is dust and debris on the surface of your car after installing window tint but it doesn’t mean you should wash it.

If your window tint is not dry yet, you should not wash it or clean it using a wet piece of cloth. Cleaning your car with a carwash when the tint is wet is a very bad idea because it can affect the drying process of the tint. It may also affect the tint color and its effectiveness.

2. Avoid Window Rolling

You should avoid window rolling no matter if there is a tint on the inside or outside of your vehicle’s window. You must be thinking why should I avoid rolling the window. Let us tell you that the tint can get damaged due to window rolling especially when the tint is wet.

So, you should let the tint get dry first and then roll your window as many times as you want. Moreover, you should also take care of the kids that they do not roll the window accidentally. Otherwise, you will have to install the tint again to make it fresh.

3. Let The Tint Dry

The most important thing to consider after the installation of the window tint is to let it dry first. It can be done by avoiding the things that can affect the drying process of your window tint. These things may include rainy weather or lousy weather of snow.

It would be best if you keep your car inside your garage on snowy and sunny days. It is because the tint can get damaged due to harsh rays of sunlight when it is wet. And the snow can slow down the drying process of your vehicle’s window tint.

The Durability of Tinted Windows

When getting all the information about the tinted windows, you must be wondering to know how long do they last. Let us enhance your knowledge by telling you that a tinted window can last for about one to ten years. The average life of the films is about five years.

The durability and effectiveness of the tinted windows depend on different factors such as the quality of the film, maintenance of the tint, brand of the tint, quality of installation services, use of cleaning products, etc. So, you should take care of your window tint to let it last for a long time.

Cleaning Tinted WindowsYou can clean your tinted windows when they get dried. For cleaning purposes, you need warm water and dish soap. You need to take a soft piece of cloth to gently wipe the dust down your windows. You can also use Mr. Clean’s sponge for this purpose along with a spray bottle of water to clean your tinted windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does car window tint go on the inside or outside?

The window tint is mostly installed on the inside of your window. You can also install it outside your window depending upon your preferences.

2. How much does it cost to install a window tint?

It costs about 100 dollars to 400 dollars to install tint on each window of your car. It also includes the labor cost.

3. How much time is consumed to install a window tint?

It takes about one hour to install the tint on your car’s windows but it also depends upon different factors such as installation service provider, vehicle type, number of services involved, etc.

4. What is the purpose of installing a window tint?

A window tint protects you from harmful UV rays and protects your skin. It also provides you safety from getting injured if you meet an accident.


There are several benefits offered by a tinted window. This guide has enhanced your knowledge regarding a tinted window where it explained where and how to install it. You must take care of the important things that are needed to consider for maintaining your tinted windows. It would be best if you apply the tint inside your car’s window and let it dry before using the windows of your vehicle.

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