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Does taking defensive driving lower insurance overall cost

Does taking defensive driving lower insurance overall cost

In this article, we will let you know that taking a defensive driving course lowers the cost of annual premium payments on insurance by 5% or more. Or, if taken before going for an insurance policy, will make the cost lower for sure, compared with no course done. This question “does taking defensive driving lower insurance” is being asked and that is why this article has been made for you. Taking a defensive driving course is mandatory, if you want to get your car insured. It also has other benefits, that will be mentioned in subsequent paragraphs.

A little bit about defensive driving course

In this course, a driver learns how to drive a car safely and in a responsible way, to curb the possibility of accidents. In this course, the participants tend to learn about the rules for intoxicated drivers (by alcohol or medication) and the related laws that are in place.

There are at least three basic lessons that drivers learn, including:

  • improve car driving skills
  • avoid driving in the wrong way
  • avoid potential collisions

Overall, drivers are taught safe methods to negotiate busy streets, deal with different weather conditions, like driving on snow covered roads or wet roads during or after rainfalls, driving safely at night.

Who is eligible for discounts

An individual who has taken the course before getting an insurance, or has an insurance policy may not qualify for a discount. Some insurance companies only give young drivers discounts while some do not allow any discount margins. Drivers with bad driving records, and traffic violations might not qualify either. Every insurance company tends to have different set of policies regarding discounts for drivers who have, or are taking this course. Some companies might not offer any discount.

In Georgia, you can get about a 10% discount from some companies. In Delaware, you can get up to 15% discount on the course. The company,  GEICO offers a 5% to 15% discount, with respect to the location, where the road accidents occur frequently.


The Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO) offers 50 year-olds with discounts who have taken such a course. It also offers discounts to 55-year olds who do not have an at fault accident record during the last 35 years.

Does taking defensive driving lower insurance premium cost per year? It depends on factors mentioned above.

The other benefits for doing this course

If you enroll in this course, it will benefit you in the long run. You will get to save money. The other major benefit is reducing points for bad driving on your driving record.

Anyone with a poor driving record will get benefit for attending the course.

This course is also beneficial for senior drivers, and for those who have health issues. People who use glasses while driving,  or drivers who are slow to react to road situations, a defensive driving course will be worth spending some bucks.

Is the course worth the discount

The truth is, it all depends on the company, the state, the condition of your car and other factors mentioned earlier. But there is a chance that you might not cover the cost for the course by the discounts. You must calculate the time it might take you – to cover the cost – for the course, and you will know whether it’s worth it or not.


Does taking defensive driving lower insurance? It might. But it does more for your well being than saving money alone.

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