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Do manual cars have Transmission Fluid

Do manual cars have Transmission Fluid?

If you are a manual car owner and are wondering, do manual cars have transmission fluid? Yes, manual cars do need transmission fluids. This article will first guide you to determine what type of car you have with respect to its size in particular. The larger the vehicle the more the transmission fluid is needed. The more the vehicle is used the more fluid is needed again. And last of all, knowing what type of car you own will also determine what type of transmission fluids should be used. There is a big difference between a midsize family car and a midsize sports car. The article will then suggest a general idea of what type of fluid and how much of that fluid should be used for your car.

The size of the car

Small cars cover about 100 to 109 cubic feet. A midsize car covers about 110 to 120 cubic feet of space. But a midsize car that’s a hatchback (a rear door to accommodate cargo etc.) or a crossover will cover about 130 to 159 cubic feet of space. A full size car like a sedan will cover 120 cubic feet but a station wagon which is generally considered a full size car will take the space of about 150 cubic feet. Large cars are all over 120 cubic feet.

The volume of your car will indicate its weight and how heavy it can get with passengers and cargo loads. This fact really will have an impact on the transmission system.  The heavier the vehicle is, the more strain on the transmission system. Usually, a regular inspection of the transmission oil is good for your car to work better for a longer period.

To know the exact size of your car, consult the car’s manual or a good mechanic. This is an imperative step in determining which transmission fluid to use, because if the transmission system is stressed too much and not maintained properly, the engine of the vehicle will be prone to damage too.

Types of transmissions

There are three types of transmissions: manual transmission (MT), automatic transmission (AT) and continuously variable transmission (CVT). Transmission fluids are different for each type of transmission system. This article will deal only with manual transmission fluids.

Transmission fluids

A variety of oils can be used for manual transmissions. Any kind of motor oil, different types of gear oils and for some cars, automatic transmission oils can also be used. Of course, specific transmission oils are the best and the best transmission oils for your car will be recommended in the car’s manual. That is, if you want to handle it for the first time yourself. You could also take your car to a mechanic shop for more proper inspection and guidance regarding the type of transmission fluid needed. In some cases, if the transmission is giving some problem, then transmission fluids with almost zero impurities and additives might really be the need for your car. Usually any kind of transmission fluid is used for any type or size of vehicle. It’s not so much the type of oil, it’s usually how much oil is needed.

How much is needed?

You can use about 11 to 13 quarts. Again the manual to the car or a mechanic can instruct you better for your specific model. Also anyone who has a similar model can provide some guidance. Do ask other people who own cars, especially if you have no other alternative to know what kind and how much of a transmission fluid is to be used.  Also how are you using your car? If you are on the road a lot and driving fast a lot, then keep checking the transmission fluid level constantly. That oil is used up when the car is driven around.

How is the transmission fluid put in the car?

As of now, we have given you an answer to your question – Do manual cars have transmission fluid? Now let’s discuss, how to put transmission fluid in your car. Vehicles that have manual transmissions do not have a dipstick to see how much oil is in the transmission section. There is a filler plug component either located on the side or on the top of the transmission. Just screw the plug off. Just dip your finger and see if there is oil or not. Use a dipper if you have one. The oil should not smell burned nor should the oil have a dirty look it. No fine metal pieces should be in the oil. If you notice such things in oil, then this means the oil will have to be changed.

When do you need to put in transmission fluid?

If a lot of noises are coming from the transmission area of the car, you have to check how much transmission oil is in the car. Don’t jump to conclusions as the noise could mean something else.

When you have a problem changing gears or if the gears keep slipping, then check if the car has enough transmission fluid.

If you spot any oil leaks under the car, check it out. Check if there is enough transmission oil in the car.


The article has answered one of the most asked questions- Do manual cars have transmission fluid? Moreover, it has explained the most important particulars of transmission oils for cars with manual control transmissions. Do educate others if they need your help and direct them to this article.

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