Do a barrel roll 10 times? Read about Kyle Larson’s vicious accident

The unbreakable winning streak of Kyle Larson comes to a halt in the Western Springs Speedway in New Zealand. The dreadful wreck that occurred during the Nationwide Series race was the deadliest one NASCAR has ever witnessed. A question was raised ‘Do a barrel roll 10 times?’. This shows the severeness of the incident.

Anyone who is all set to sit in the cockpit of the racing car is fully known of the risk and consequences related to it. They are aware that it might cost them their lives too, yet they take part in it. Kyle Larson, being a well-known racer in the entire U.S was praised for his unbeatable record and marvelous driving skills. However, nothing could save him last Saturday.

In this article, we will understand how Kyle Larson went through this drastic car accident and what were the damages.

How did it happen?

Multiple fans came to watch their favorite driver be injured along with 27-year-old Kyle Larson. Due to uncontrollability, the car landed in the grandstands hurting numerous fans.

After acquiring the second position in the third heat race, Larson decided to launch himself in another race. Only with two laps to go, the four-cylinder machine tank of Kyle Larson was out of his control. The car tore the steel cables of the catch fence, rolling over more than 10 times, finally landed on its side.

Most importantly, a tire came out from Larson’s machine and injured several fans sitting in the different rows. Only the people who were hurt can project how fast Larson was traveling.

While the other opponents were going to any extent to stop Larson from winning. In this scenario, one of the racers Keselowski was stuck between cars and had nowhere to go rather than slamming into the rear of Larson’s vehicle. Due to the wreck, Kyle Larson’s car was turned into 3 metal pieces.

The middle part of the vehicle was less affected, keeping the driver safe. However, the front and the back were completely demolished.

Understanding the story

Kyle Larson was competing against racers who were participating from major countries of the world. The rivals of Larson were from Australia and New Zealand.

Any racer would go to any limit to keep his/her position secure. This is what Smith and Keselowski did. While Smith tried to keep his ground and position, tried to block Keselowski, which resulted in a brutal accident of the famous American racer Kyle Larson.

As soon as the car crashed, Larson was evacuated immediately from the vehicle. The car was not more precious than Larson’s life. As soon he was taken out, so a quick breather was provided to him. The racer walked off the arena while incurring no major injury.

Previous incidents

This is not the first time that something like this has happened on the race track. Just like any other sport, racing also carries some drawbacks.

On April 27, 2009, a similar incident took place. A famous racer named Carl Edwards had a similar crash at the Spring Cup at Talladega. Edward’s car was also smashed in the catch fence; however, it did less damage than Larson’s car.

Ironically, Keselowski was involved in that race too. While being a hurdle in the way of Edward’s car, it became the reason for the drastic accident. Keselowski went on to win that race.

Furthermore, in 1999 during the Indy Racing League event, something identical took place. While the racer crashed into the catch fence, it resulted in three or more deaths. Just like Larson’s tire flew out, it was the same in this scenario as well. The flying tire became the cause of death of those fans.


Do a barrel roll 10 times-It won’t be easy for a racer like Kyle Larson to be down and out for several months for his recovery. However, he surely needs it.

Moreover, if Larson is targeting to beat Bell, who is a three-time winner in Chili Bowl Nationals, so he needs to focus on his health rather than destroying it.

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