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Is Waterless Car Wash Safe Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterless Car Wash

Is Waterless Car Wash Safe? Advantages and Disadvantages of Waterless Car Wash

While there is no firm evidence as to how waterless car sprays came into being, there is a possibility that the concept originated from California, which was hit by a severe D2 drought, making the availability of water no less than a journey to the center of the earth.

Another pointer could also be the generous supply of waterless car soaps to the same region of America. However, either of them could be the reasoning, but the question is whether it’s safe to opt for waterless car washes? Or should you wash your car using waterless car soaps?

Obviously, if your region is affected by the drought, there are no exceptions for you, as you are compelled to wash your car waterless way. But there are more options for people who are not deprived of water and won’t affect their water availability if they wash their vehicles with it.

That drags their opinion towards subjectivity, and we aren’t here for that. We are here to find what advantages and disadvantages of a waterless car wash would you be seeing if you wash your four-wheeler that way. With that said, and without further ado, let’s crack on our main interest now.

How about getting to the disadvantages first? Provided its what interests you the most.

Disadvantages of Waterless Car Wash

A waterless car wash involves sweeping your car off its dirt using chemically-formulated soaps that don’t require water to put an impact on the surface of your car. It simply means chemicals and chemicals only. While some vehicles are fine with their usage, some lose their natural charm as soon as they are exposed to such soaps, which is the last thing you’d want to see if you are a car-geek.

There are some advantages as well, but we’ll get to them after walking through the disadvantages of waterless car wash:

  • A Daunting and actually cumbersome process

You’d agree to this disadvantage the most in this list. It is because even before you get to cleaning your car, the thoughts of putting on exponential efforts would haunt you to your core, ultimately having you procrastinate on washing your car the waterless way.

Water covers a decent surface of your car in a single go, and since you are washing your vehicle without it, you’ll have to clean all its parts by spraying a puff of waterless soap on each and every spot, which makes it a cumbersome process, unless you value your car more than anything else.

  • Chemicals Only

As we discussed above, waterless car soaps have a major proportion of chemicals in them, which isn’t compatible with all surfaces of cars. Your car, at first, may bloom with the reflection of sunlight, deceiving you into thinking you have done your best with getting rid of the dirt, but here is the catch.

As the surface of your car dries, you’d soon start seeing (in some cases) water spots that, despite giving it a fresh look, dim its pre-washed charm into no less than an old rusty piece of crap. That’s how it affects the overall appearance of your car. You may want to use biodegradable car soaps to prevent the spots and keep its beauty intact.

  • It’s Not for Smeared Cars

If your car has an additional layer of dirt over its body and embedded within lies fungus or things alike, you may not want to use waterless car soaps. It isn’t like they won’t clean your car off the dirt, it’s just you’ll have to make efforts more than you did while buying that car.

If you are not careful, it may mix with the soap itself, and evolve into something more dangerous and stinky than it was before. To overcome this problem, we’d recommend you dust the eligible dirt off, and then start with swiping it using the car soap.

These are the highest-probable disadvantages of waterless car wash, and that you’d want to avoid if you fantasize about washing your car that way. With that said, everything that has disadvantages, coming next, has advantages as well. Here’s how washing your car without water may be helpful or beneficial for you.

Advantages of Waterless Car Wash

Washing your car without water has an equal number of benefits as it does with its disadvantages. However, it varies from situation to situation and what way you deem befitting for washing your car. And since you are opting for a waterless way, here are the advantages it brings at your disposal.

  • A Water-efficient Process

An obvious advantage of a waterless car wash is it saves you plenty of water, a big plus if you are from the states suffering from droughts, which leaves no water at your availability. Opting for a select range of waterless car soaps, you will be able to revive the faded beauty of your car, the same as you could with water.

Also, some residents of California, despite getting through the drought, have not given up on their water-saving habits and still wash their cars without water, which saves them a considerable amount of water in their tanks, as you know you literally need an endless source of water to wash your car completely.

  • Availability of Extended Variety

Waterless car washes are available in a massive variety of sizes, qualities, and price tags as well. You can find them ranging from biodegradable and eco-friendly to highly-concentrated waterless soaps that vary from the compatibility of your car’s surface.

It’s like you can rest assured that there lies a match of your preference in the market, allowing you to wash your car without much effort, but only some and the best waterless car soaps offer such convenient and easy cleaning.

  • They Boast Flexibility

Needless to say, with waterless car soaps, you don’t have to park your car in a certain spot, but wherever you are, and if you have waterless car soap with you, you can start cleaning your car right away. And that’s probably one of the reasons why people, might also be you, are interested in using these soaps.

If you have the best matched waterless car soap with you, it would have your car cleaned from the most stubborn of dirt and grime, only that you give it a gentle swipe on the affected spot.


 So, cleaning your car in the water or waterless way depends upon the build quality of your vehicle and the type of car wash soaps that you use to clean it. If you are careful with choosing the waterless car soap that matches the best with your car’s body, you’ll have fewer disadvantages of waterless car wash, but it’ll be completely opposite if you don’t choose the car soap per the compatibility with your vehicle’s surface.

Also, not to forget the second shift, where you swipe your car’s surface with a dry cloth, taking precautions on not leaving the water spots behind, which puts up a bad impression more than it does a positive one.

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