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Differences between collision vs comprehensive coverages

Differences between collision vs comprehensive coverages

Insurance companies usually deal with six main types of car insurance. You might want property damage insurance, or you might want insurance for an injury suffered from an accident.  There are insurances for other car-related situations too that interests people.

This article deals with comprehensive and collision coverages.  There are people who would like to know how a collision vs comprehensive coverage pans out. This article is for them to see and understand the differences. This article will point out clearly the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage particulars.

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Comprehensive Vs Collision Coverage


Below, each coverage is clearly explained and you will understand which coverage deals with what type of situation.

Comprehensive Coverage Particulars

A comprehensive motor insurance coverage pays for any type of damage done to your car through vandalism, riots, fires, or objects that have fallen on the car (falling heavy branches of a tree or debris falling down from somewhere).

Comprehensive coverage will pay if your car gets stolen or if you accidentally collide with an animal/animals that had suddenly run towards you or across your path, while you were driving, resulting in damages done to the outside of the car.

Any type of natural disaster, such as passing through a hail storm causing damages to the car.

Getting stuck in a flood because a bank of a river had developed a crack or any kind of glass breaking accident, will be covered.

But comprehensive coverage does not deal with any type of situation in which you have damaged your car by colliding into another vehicle of any kind. It does not deal with vehicle to vehicle collision related damage. The exception is, if only an animal was involved. Either the animal suddenly appeared in front of you while you were driving or it run into your vehicle. For example, a deer or a moose.

Collision Coverage Particulars

Collision motor insurance coverage will pay for damages or replace your car if: you have a collision involving another vehicle/vehicles.

If you, for any reason, run into a tree, lamppost or some kind of fence or wall, the insurance will cover you.

If your car rolls over due to suddenly driving into a large ditch or pothole, or you are faced by a steep slope or your car falls off due to a sudden collapse of a bridge or the road has caved in, the coverage will pay for damages.

Collision coverage does not deal with damages done to other vehicles. And it will not pay for any type of medical expenses incurred by either you or anyone else involved in the collision.

Considerations Before Securing Insurances

After learning the difference between a collision vs comprehensive coverage, it is advised to consider other factors before securing either one or both the coverages. These factors are as follows:

What is your car’s value?

If you have just bought your car, its value is considered high as everything in it is brand new. In that case, it’s good to take on either one or both insurance coverages. If you do have any kind of accident (those covered by collision coverage) or the car is damaged due to some other reason (as stated above under comprehensive coverage) the insurance coverages will save you money.

If you do have comprehensive coverage, it would be advised to stop the insurance when the value of your car drops considerably.

High Possibilities Of Accidents

Consider how often you are driving your car. Consider how much distance you are covering in your car. People that are frequently driving around or are commuting long distance often are prone to accidents. Especially if they have to drive usually during nights. You might need those coverages.

Dangers In Your Locality

Consider your area. Are there a lot of wild animals like deer, wolves or coyotes springing across the roads?  Is your area known for vehicles getting stolen? Or is there a lot of vandalism going on? If such things are happening a lot, then it is advised to get your car insured if you can afford it.

The final words

Collision and comprehensive coverages are different so it’s best to know the difference and identify what you want covered. Certain considerations have also been put forward for you to think about. It is up to you if you need these particular coverages or not.

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