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How is a Crew Cab different from a Regular Cab Which Cab is right for you

How is a Crew Cab different from a Regular Cab? Which Cab is right for you?

Pickup trucks often come in a myriad of varieties and whenever you scroll over a dealership site, you often see the two terms ‘Crew’ and ‘Quad’. However, if you’re a novice in getting the right word that works best for you will be a hectic task to perform.

You should look for countless features when purchasing a truck and make the most of your purchase. From power to towing capacity and gas mileage. You may identify that your needs can be satiated through a crew cab but your work does not demand a bigger truck to carry loads that you carry regularly.

In the blog today, you will find the pickups with the right advantages that you might want but didn’t know that it will help you as well. Let’s hover over some truck comparisons and find out which one suits you.

Regular or Standard Cab

The crew cab, standard, and the regular cabs have been built to provide the starting size. The regular one or the standard one are the cabs that are assumed to be the smallest trucks. The regular or standard pickup trucks consist of front-hanging two full-size doors. If this kind of truck suits your lifestyle you can go for the Chevrolet Silverado model in a standard size.

A standard truck usually has no extra space to cater to more passengers or your pets to squeeze in your pickup truck. You better not try to add more as these pickup trucks usually don’t have enough seats in the first row. 

Which makes it a great choice for drivers driving alone, young drivers, and those who use the vehicle for their work. If you need a roomy and comfortable space in your truck, try purchasing a regular or standard truck.

An Extended Cab Truck

To have enough space in your vehicle your first choice should be an extended truck. These extended trucks have much space in their first row so you can keep your pets with you on your long day rides.

Behind the driver’s seat on the first row, the back passenger seats are easily accessible through small doors. These rear doors are operated from the front door and move in the opposite direction making it accessible for the people to come in and get out of the truck. There’s also a jump seat behind the driver’s seat to make it even roomier.

The extended cab truck can also surprise you when it fits one or more passengers easily. But the jump seats are not specifically made for a long trip. This is why, it has often been seen that people using the extended trucks, use the back seat for their pets and storage more instead of taking passengers with them.

If this will work for you, then the Chevrolet Colorado in the extended truck model will work just right for you. Of course, if you need some space and truly want to higher your standard, you have to look for other options, maybe with a higher configuration. And then again, crew cab comes into play.

Crew Cab for Your Extensive Needs

You will definitely want to look for the crew cab for its size and configurations. The huge crew cab is the one for your family and works best if you are someone who loves to hang out with your friends. The back seat can easily accommodate six to seven and sometimes 8 people in the crew cab easily. Silverado and Chevy Colorado are two of the crew cab examples.

Crew cab brings four big size hinged doors in front. The most fascinating thing about the crew cab is that everyone can easily get in the cab at the same time without waiting for others to get in or moving the seats forward. With a crew cab pickup, you can have the experience of driving an SUV along with the bed in the back where your family can have the most comfortable long-haul drives. If your family loves to go for long highway rides, then consider purchasing a crew cab, that you won’t regret. Not only for the roomy, comfortable, or easily accessible door options the crew cab is the best choice for your site job that demands heavy luggage to be transported from one place to another.

Crew Cab with Any Other Extended Cab

After knowing the specs and the configuration of both, it is difficult to choose between an extended cab or a crew cab. Before you even plan to purchase a truck you must think about the reason that drives you to purchase a truck. Depending on your work demands, if you have to take pets, packages, and do road trips then considering a crew cab for your work may be the best option for you.

If you think the extended cab would work for you in these conditions and see an extended car as XL, then take the crew cab as XXL. It offers more than you think such as extra room, easy-open, and closed doors, bedding backseats, and large windows. Plus, the amazing driving experience can make you forget any other driving span.


Now when you know why you should go for a crew cab instead of any other pickup truck, you are even much closer to making your first purchase at the dealer’s shop. With the standard, regular, and crew cab options in hand, it is less complex to define your needs and find the perfect one.

In the end, it all depends on the work you do and the reason for which you need the pickup truck. Both cab styles serve unique and stylish purposes. An advantage that you should take into account is that you don’t need to look for customizations.

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