What are the 3 cool looking cars of the modern era?

It is always a cool thought to sketch or draw a vehicle of your choice. However, it’s a bigger and tricky task to get the drawing board material to the production line. Everyone loves cool looking cars but are they even available in the market?

Whenever a person goes into the car market or auctions, he/she is observing the main features of the vehicle – such as engine power, suspensions, body shape, and many other things. Nevertheless, there are a lot of people who are focusing on the design of cars. They tend to purchase the vehicles if they are cool looking.

Many cool sketches and designs are neglected and reduced to basic models when they reach the factory floor. One of the essential reasons for this cause is the ‘cost.’


On the other hand, cool looking cars are not the only ones which are sold in the market. The combination of running costs, driving experiences, and comfort are the solid reasons to attract buyers or purchasers.

This article will highlight the 3 cool looking cars which have created a significant statement through their looks and designs. Moreover, they are also fulfilling consumer preferences at the same time. Read on to know about the lavish-looking cars.

3 cool looking cars of the modern era

The cars we have listed down are quite impressively manufactured and different from their competitors. The production, construction, and designs of those vehicles are the clear depiction of true art and how brilliant minds are still available in the market.

Well, you might disagree with a few of the cars we have mentioned. Everyone has a different taste but surely the majority would agree with our choice.

Let’s discuss the top-notched cool looking cars from the modern world;

Volvo V60

Previously, when the Swedish manufacturers produced the Volvo V60, it was significantly criticized for its looks and designs. However, the production company was sensible enough to counter that criticism and save the best design for the later stages.

When we discuss the cool design, dynamic road presence, and great style, Volvo V60 would be the first name that would appear in our minds. The manufacturers developed the latest model with a boxer profile which has ample boot space. The Swedish have put a beautiful exterior look to the car which makes everyone notice it whenever it travels on the road.

Moreover, to complement the exclusive-looking exterior, the Swedish manufacturing company has built a technology-filled and spacious interior for the car.

Factors such as safety kits and classy-looking interiors are some of the features why the Volvo V60 tops our list for cool looking cars.

BMW i8 Coupe

When we talk about classic-looking modern designs, how can the top German manufacturers be excluded from the list? The lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber that are used in the production of this beauty are not the only reasons why BMW i8 Coupe looks so extravagant.

Honda-designed aero-dynamical-shape is another added reason for this vehicle to be counted as one of the top 3 cool looking cars.

Apart from this, would you believe that the 1.5-liter engine accompanied by two electric motors can go up to 62mph in just 4.4 seconds? Well, that’s the power of the German machine. BMW has manufactured the doors in a way that they look like wings of the car which is a clear depiction of the sporty look and how it accelerates to its top speed in no time.

Nonetheless, it might be confusing and irritating for several car lovers to open vertically opening doors, but BMW is thinking beyond and that is the reason they have produced the car of the future. Well, the design of the car speaks volumes.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Saloon

Alfa Romeo gained massive popularity after they produced the first-ever rear-wheel-drive car in the 1980s. Alfa Romeo manufactured its vehicles with their trademark or signature ‘scudetto’ grille which was a much-appreciated design and was giving a sporty look to the car as well.

Alfa Romeo has been successful enough to attract customers through their alluring-looking cars for the last 100 years. However, the Giulia design was loved by the majority.

The person who wants to create a strong statement with a car will always fall for Alfa Romeo Giulia. The wider wheel arches, alloy rims, and most importantly the massive grill in the front gives a feel of masculinity to the driver.

According to specialists, if you want to switch from BMW 3 series and Audi A4, Alfa Romeo would be the safest option for you.


Instead of focusing on the major components of the car, the design or outlook of the car should also be noticed. No one likes an ugly car standing in their garage. Let’s hope this article helps you to find a cool looking car which fits your taste and pocket.

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