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Which are the 4 cool cars under 10k

Which are the 4 cool cars under 10k?

It is not easy to afford a luxurious car with a continuous surge in the cost of living. Everyone wants to have a Ferrari or a Lexus; but unfortunately, these vehicles are out of range for the majority.

Every car lover wants to drive a fast, smooth and comfortable vehicle. Instead of wasting their money on basic rides, people want to invest in a sports car or a convertible. It would not be wrong to say that these cars are quite expensive in the market; however, they are considered as a tremendous return on investment.

This article will highlight the cool cars under 10k and what great benefits it has for you. Nevertheless, used performance cars might bother you for high maintenance but they are considered as an economical investment when compared to other ways of commuting.

Do you have a tighter budget? Read on to know about the cool cars under 10k.

4 cool cars under 10k

Keeping the budget in mind, let’s find out which cars can be easy to maintain and can be smoothly accommodated with your bank balance.

BMW Z3 & Z4 (1196 – 2008)

When we talk about exquisitely looking convertibles, surely BMW Z3 and Z4 would not miss the list. Do you like fresh air while driving? Well, this vehicle is the right choice for you. The driver’s seat is placed high with the door sills which makes room for the fresh air in the car.

This car gathered major fame after it debuted in the trailer of the movie James Bond ‘Goldeneye’. Well, which car can match perfectly with the personality of a spy? It was an impressive move by the production to inculcate or associate this vehicle with the hero of that film ‘Mr. Pierce Brosnan.’

However, when this vehicle came out in the market, it didn’t capture much of it due to a four-cylinder engine. Later on, BMW was successful enough to fill in the loophole with a six-cylinder engine and most importantly a Z3 coupe.

In 2004, BMW Z4 was released to fulfill the demands of the customers. It made an impact with its body style and the driving position but the modern styling was not suiting everyone’s taste.

Acura RL – 2008

Who would not like a sedan under a 10k budget? Well, Acura RL is fulfilling your desire for it. The all-wheel-drive system is another vital factor for this sedan being so impressive. You can freely drive in bad weather without worrying about the car getting slipped.

Moreover, if you are looking for long-term reliability, Acura RL 2008 is the ideal choice for you. Many people leave their desired vehicles thinking about the maintenance cost; however, that is not the case with the Acura RL. Every car lover can easily maintain this vehicle on a minimum budget.

Acura RL comes with 290 horsepower and is considered great to give a good fuel mileage. Imagine driving on a strong acceleration or cruising speed and still having 24mpg. Isn’t it great? That is why Acura RL 2008 is recommended as a safer option for many.

Fiat 500 Abarth (2012 and newer)

Are you searching for a vehicle to drive in the city routes? Well, the Fiat 500 Abarth is a commendable vehicle for that purpose. You might be in shock about why this car is included in this list. There are several good factors attached to it that makes Fiat 500 Abarth a strong recommendation.

From a tall seating position to the feature of turbocharged torque; this vehicle has got it all. You might be laughing while reading this, but trust us, this miniature has got every feature to its finest. Another component that makes it desirable is fuel economy. You don’t need to worry about the mileage while you drive this small speedy monster.

Moreover, Fiat 500 Abarth is available in two options: a 3-door hatch and a 2-door convertible. You can choose your own. It has 160 horsepower and is quite light in weight. You cannot expect the engine power to be impeccable but surely it can be of your use.

Cadillac STS – 2007

Who can expect a Cadillac on such a tight budget? Well, you need to move your attention towards this variant produced by the company. Cadillac has been impressive and known for providing comfortable rides to its consumers. If you are searching for a vehicle to accommodate your large family, Cadillac STS 2007 is the perfect choice for you.

The full-size interior allows you and your family to sit and relax in peace. Moreover, many music lovers are attracted to this car due to the stereo system installed in it. The Bose audio system provides the best quality sound for its listeners no matter whatever the volume is.

The impact of 320-horsepower is quite evident on an empty road. Cadillac STS 2007 can accelerate real quick due to the impressive power of the engine. Furthermore, the suspension of the car is great too which makes your handling even easier.


It is a battle for every person to possess cool cars under 10k. In such a growing economy and heavy prices, it is relatively hard to find a vehicle on such a tight budget. However, we have listed down the 4 cool cars under 10k which are easier to maintain and possibly have the smoothest ride.

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