Cold case divers found a 2006 Kia Rio belonging to a woman went missing since 2017

WACO, Texas – A team of divers investigating a cold case found a car in the Texas river on Wednesday, matching the vehicle’s description owned by a woman who disappeared in 2017.

Adventures With Purpose recovered the car from the river, which allegedly was owned by Stephanie Torres. However, the remains found from the car don’t positively identify the 43-year-old woman.

“Once the vehicle was recovered, investigators found a small bone fragment,” told Cierra Shipley, Waco police representative to the CBS News. “The bone fragment and the vehicle are now being processed for evidence.”

The news elevated the hopes of the family members seeking answers to their family member’s mystery disappearance.

Stephanie Torres was last seen leaving her home on December 20, 2017, without taking her medications, cell phone, or wallet. Reportedly, the woman was just a few days away from turning 43.

“A blue and gray 2006 Kia Rio, was found in the cold, murky waters of the Brazos River in Brazos Park East” one hour later, following the dive began, reported the divers.

The family members broke into tears when the car was being pulled up from the 13 feet deep waters.

“I’m scared. I’m nervous. I don’t have words at this point,” said the disappeared woman’s daughter, Bianca Torres, as the search for the car unraveled.

The cold case diver, Jared Leisek from Adventures with Purpose, founded the car and began searching for the remains in the Brazos River following connecting with the woman’s family last year via social media.

As per the family members’ statement, Torres may have been under the influence and suicidal while leaving home.

She had been in severe pain due to fibromyalgia. She was taking medication for it, and depression was one of the side effects of those medications, revealed family members to NBC News.

The organization worked as environmental cleaning divers before turning to comb for missing persons.

Police have obtained DNA swabs from the woman’s family to identify the remains, Waco Tribune-Herald reported.

In Feb 2019, the investigation for the case was stopped as the officials could not find a clue for the missing lady.

“I felt like they weren’t getting in touch with us or letting us know anything about the case,” said the missing woman’s daughter.

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