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Chrysler’s Crossover SUV- Previewing the All-electric Future with Airflow Concept SUV

Chrysler’s Crossover SUV- Previewing the All-electric Future with Airflow Concept SUV

Stellantis, the parent company that own the iconic Chrysler brand has made an announcement that it will only sell electrical vehicles by 2028. Chrysler’s SUV 2021 is already the talk of the town – which is an all-electric Airflow crossover SUV and this latest announcement was made at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022.

To emphasize this shift, Stellantis revealed the concept of the Airflow crossover SUV having a similar mechanical profile as the Ford Mustang Mach-E and the Tesla Model Y. The vehicle revealed in the CES show was just a concept, however, it appears that it’s ready to be produced as all the requirements have been met. Chrysler says that the electric vehicle will start its production in 2025.

The fourth-largest automaker in the world announced the plan to surprise the customers with the electrical lineup of its brand, which includes the electrical versions of Dodge Ram 1500 and an EV muscle car along with various jeep models.

From what we can assume from the Chrysler’s crossover SUV concept is that there are more in the lineup ready to be produced under the brand. The first nameplate is however still not revealed but it is expected to be one of the midsize crossovers. Additionally, it will likely replace the Dodge Journey sharing most of its parts with Grand Cherokee, the next generation. Although it is required to be one of the luxurious models.

Chrysler’s Crossover SUV 2021 Design

When we talk about the characteristics and the base design of the Chrysler SUV 2021, it is expected to be a mid-size crossover SUV. As said, the new design will resemble the next generation’s Grand Cherokee, which is already on the way to its production and will be in the market till the end of the year. In particular, this translates that both the models will hit the FCA Giorgio platform together.

If we see the size of the axle, in particular, it could go somewhere around 117-120 inches. Obviously, an RWD layout would be again a natural thing due to the same manufacturer, where AWD will be in the concept as well. Due to the expected size, undoubtedly the new crossover Chrysler’s SUV 2021 will be fun and light to drive.


It would be hard to talk about the styling of the crossover SUV. On one side, we are expecting to see a usual crossover layout along with a slight sleeker body profile in contrast with the traditional SUVs. Overall, the new model body should be designed in a wagon-like manner.

Overall, the look of the front and the backside of the crossover SUV 2021 is still not revealed. Just because Chrysler didn’t launch any vehicle in the past few years, it is hard to predict the new body of the vehicle. It may be much like the upgraded version of the manufacturer’s design language.

However, it can be presumed that a lot of inspiration may be taken from Pacifica, a recently updated one. Although the newer version of the minivan has notably sharper lines and angles, which may be one of the SUV’s directions.

Interior of the Chryslers’ SUV 2021

The whole new look of the minivan cabin is completely anonymous and hard to predict. The assumptions of the new model contain the long wheelbase that specifically means that the new Chrysler SUV will be a seven-seater model. The dimensions of the overall SUV should be made much similar to the new Grand Cherokee but the level of the luxury should be taken into account. In practice, this means that it will be a higher-material manufacturing piece with the finest and enhanced quality and aesthetics.

Precisely, the enhancements like the latest technology and the standard equipment should be counted as its main features.

The engine of the Chrysler’s crossover SUV 2021

It is hard to predict another platform for the engine for the 2021 Chrysler SUV, it may have the same engine to ride like the Grand Cherokee due to lack of engine options available to the manufacturer. Plus, the model would not be accessible for the other V8 units.

As you may have already heard, the FCA is already working on the turbo-lines of its six engines, which may be a couple of options for the SUV, as it will be having six cylinders instead of eight. If this happens, this would be one of the powerful features with 500 horsepower and would be counted in the high-performance versions of the Chrysler as well.

Chrysler SUV 2021 Release Date

Apart from the reports and rumors, the release date of the Crossover Chrysler SUV 2021 is still not revealed. Moreover, the company-maintained silence over the matter as well. This means that this version of the SUV will come a bit later.

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