Cheltenham Township Single-Vehicle Crash – 4 Injured, 1 Killed – police reports

CHELTENHAM TWP., Pennsylvania – Early Sunday morning, a vehicle carrying five people crashed in Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania leaving one person dead.

The incident happened on Greenwood Avenue near Hedgerow Lane around 1:30 am.

According to the Police, the driver couldn’t manage to control the speed and slammed the car into a utility pole and a mailbox trapping the passengers in the vehicle.

Further investigation revealed that the 17-year-old girl and four of her teenage friends got incapacitated in the wreck.

The eyewitness of the accident Jennifer Culler who also is a mother of one of the victims told the police that they had celebrated Emma’s (her daughter’s) 19th birthday when she was together with her daughter and her friends last Saturday night.

“We had a great time bowling, we sang happy birthday, took pictures had videos,” Culler said

At around 11 p.m. Culler waved goodnight to her daughter who left for a sleepover with her friends after the celebration.

On Sunday morning she got to know that Emma and her friends had met a single-vehicle crash in Cheltenham Township around 1.30 a.m.

“Then I find out my daughter is in the hospital,” she said.

Emma was sitting on the backseat and that became the reason for saving her life but, 

“She has broken ribs, punctured lung, lacerated liver, her kidney is bruised,” Culler said.

Emma’s other friend happened to be under 20, Nikki was also sitting in the backseat,

“Emma was sitting right next to her. She just kept saying that Nikki went through the windshield and she was bleeding,” Culler said.

Cheltenham Township mother died

Nikki and Emma got injured badly but a man also sitting in the backseat couldn’t survive the damage. The passenger at the front seat and the driver also had injuries but the severity are not yet disclosed and are both hospitalized.

“It’s horrible,” Culler said.

After the incident, Culler advised all the parents to remain cautious before sending their kids with their friends and know especially who will be driving.

“Just pay attention to your kids,” she said.

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